Sora AI will transform sourcing, recruitment marketing, and employer branding forever

Not sorry, but Sora. In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, OpenAI’s latest innovation, Sora, is set to redefine the game. Building upon the transformative successes of ChatGPT, DALL-E-3, Gemini, Midjourney, and Copilot, Sora surfaces as a new text-to-video model. It translates imaginative scenes from mere textual instructions into remarkably high-quality 60-second videos.

This advancement is bound to have a significant impact on recruiters including sourcers, employer branding specialists, and recruitment marketers. With its potential to offer an extensive range of practice enhancements that can result in more hires, conversion and effective candidate engagement.

Geert-Jan Waasdorp on February 29, 2024 Average reading time: 6 min
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Sora AI will transform sourcing, recruitment marketing, and employer branding forever

13 Examples of How Sora Will Help Recruiters Get Better

1. More personalized approaches in sourcing:

Based on data from LinkedIn and social media profiles, Recruiters, empowered by Sora, can transform personal hobbies and affinities into movies. For example, if you are a supporter of PSG, Tennis, Taylor Swift, or Chess, the prompt and visual message can be personalized in reaching out to candidates. one-on-one or one-to-many. This goes beyond generic sourcing messages. Sourcers & Sora can use individual candidates’ nuances to establish a connection from the first outreach. This personalized approach captures attention and sets a tone for an engaging start of a conversion and a meaningful candidate-recruiter relationship.

2. More and better A/B testing of recruitment marketing campaigns:

Sora elevates the sophistication of A/B testing in recruitment marketing. It gives almost unlimited options to create movies (instead of pictures with Midjourney or Dall-e-3). Recruiters can experiment with diverse elements, ranging from visuals to messaging. This approach yields valuable insights into what best resonates with their target audience. Consequently, not only does this enhance campaign effectiveness, but it also enables continuous refinement and ensures that recruitment strategies consistently evolve for maximum impact.

3. A better personal message in (recruitment) marketing automation

Based on data collected in tools like Hubspot, Active Campaign, Phenom, and others, recruitment marketers can now delve into candidates’ interests and translate this into one-on-one messages on recruitment sites, job offers, and in tracking campaigns. This allows recruitment marketers to infuse even more of a personal touch into social media campaigns. By aligning content with the interests and search behavior of candidates, these campaigns become more engaging.

4. More visuals and videos:

Sora transforms the static content in the recruitment sphere. Recruiters can now easily utilize dynamic visuals and videos to showcase job postings and employer brand messages. This adds a visual appeal and provides more attractiveness and experience to candidates. The result? Higher conversions, impactful employer branding, applications, and more hires 😉.

5. Improved use of social media and WhatsApp:

Sora’s impact extends to social media and instant messaging platforms, where recruiters can create compelling content impactful messages, and great memes and .gifs. In doing so, they effectively communicate their employer brand, job opportunities, and company culture in a format that aligns with the fast-paced nature of these channels.

6. Better showcase work and work environment:

Sora acts as a virtual tour guide. Hopefully, at a moment in time, recruitment marketers will be allowed to upload their own material (videos/photos from their phone) and instruct Sora to use that in her creation of videos. For example, to showcase workplaces and environments. Beyond traditional job descriptions, potential candidates now have the opportunity to experience the work atmosphere first hand. It will provide employer branding specialists more freedom in creating a lot more material, in only 1% of the time and even less budget.

7. Development of EVP’s and faster employer brand building:

Sora will accelerate the translation and execution of the Employer Value Propositions (EVP’s) into messages, visuals, and videos. There will be a (big) difference between the real creation and professional execution of employer brand videos and material. But Sora can help in making suggestions, concept design, and doing simple versions/snapshots of EVP video’s. Sora will make the professional employer brand video’s better.

8. Personalized recruitment campaigns based on social profiles:

If you love New York or Rome. A message from a recruiter walking through these streets would have more impact. AI enables recruiters to navigate through candidates’ social profiles, extracting valuable insights to tailor recruitment campaigns and creating prompts for Sora. This personalized and targeted approach aligns the messaging with individual preferences. It creates a connection that is a starting point in conversation and hiring.

9. Improved Onboarding, and Training Videos:

By creating engaging videos, Sora improves the onboarding and training process. These visual tools facilitate a smoother transition for new hires. It can also be effectively used to engage your own employees in any form of messaging, training or internal mobility, and referral. Sora enriches traditional materials, providing an interactive guide that enhances not only their experience but also improves training results and engagement.

10. Diversity and inclusion:

In promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives, Sora gives new opportunities. Recruiters can use Sora’s to visualize the organization’s commitment to creating an environment that shows differences. Although it doesn’t reflect the real situation, it can showcase the ambition of the company to be more inclusive. It would be powerful if organizations also mentioned this in their video.

11. Reduced time and cost in creation and execution:

With Sora, everybody can make an unbelievable video in a fraction of the time and with almost no costs. OK, they will never win an Oscar or get you to tears, but we are just recruitment. Sora’s will fasten the content creation processes and will reduce the time and resources traditionally invested by >98% or more. Real-time impactful recruitment material almost for free. Sounds good.

12. Global Reach:

Sora’s language translation capabilities in combination with local and international elements in the videos (Walking in Shanghai) enhance the global appeal of job postings. Videos can use personal with a different cultural background, or another geographical setting, and can be effortlessly translated into different languages. This will break down communication barriers and make it easier for organizations to attract international talent and bridge cultural differences.

13. Creating an interactive recruitment process:

Sora, by infusing the recruitment process with interactivity, crafts a positive and unforgettable experience for candidates. This strategic use of interactive elements allows recruiters to engage candidates at an enhanced level. This is how the journey of recruitment becomes not just enjoyable but, also profoundly impactful.

Pitfalls to Navigate:

Sora vows to revolutionize the recruitment landscape. However, recruiters must proceed with caution. By acknowledging pitfalls, they can mitigate these challenges and guarantee a seamless integration of Sora into their recruitment practices.

1. Fake Applications:

AI tools heighten the risk of fake applications. Recruiters need robust verification processes to make sure that they are facing real persons and not fake applicants and applications.

2. (API) Unavailability:

Sora (‘s API) is not yet available and we don’t know when it will go live. It is in the test phase. The amount of computer capacity that is needed could be the biggest challenge. And even when we can use Sora, we don’t know if there will be an API to speed up the process. Recruiters should monitor OpenAI updates and start using and testing alternative AIs like Also Brilliant!

3. Adaptation Challenges:

Introducing Sora requires adaptation from recruiters and candidates. Training the team and informing candidates about the tool’s innovative features are crucial for a successful transition.

4. Ethical Considerations:

AI in recruitment raises ethical concerns, emphasizing the need for bias awareness. Regular audits and refinement of algorithms ensure fairness and prevent unintended discrimination. Also, the amount of energy needed will leave an ecological footprint when using AI. This will definitely raise questions in the future.

5. Data Security Concerns:

Utilizing personal, public, and also company’s own candidate data for personalized campaigns will raise privacy concerns. Are you allowed to make an impactful personal film about me, based on my personal preferences and online behavior with the purpose of influencing me? Sounds good for recruitment, but how about politics?

6. Overreliance on Technology:

Despite Sora’s advantages, overreliance on technology poses risks. Striking a balance between automation and personal engagement is vital to preserving the human touch in the recruitment journey. In the end, the personal touch makes the difference.

Navigating the Future:

Despite these pitfalls, the future of recruitment with Sora is undeniably promising. Recruiters must tackle the integration of this technology with a proactive mindset. They should continually refine strategies and remain updated on advancements. When Sora comes to market, a revolution starts. Be prepared…

For more information on Sora’s availability, visit here. Embrace the transformation, and get ready to elevate your recruitment game with Sora.



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