Applicants will get recruiters crazy by using AIApply and other AI

“The game is afoot: applicants can now really start to drive employers and recruiters crazy.” With those words, labor market experts react to AIApply, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help job seekers snag a position. According to its own website, people using the platform have an 80% greater chance of being hired.

Joost de Ruiter on March 28, 2024 Average reading time: 2 min
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Applicants will get recruiters crazy by using AIApply and other AI
New cloning capability

Experts are particularly impressed by the platform, because of a feature that AIApply teased last week. To be fair, it almost makes the possibilities of AI in the labor market a bit scary. In the video in question, posted on LinkedIn by the CEO of the platform, we see someone leaning back comfortably while his AI-generated clone conducts an online job interview with a flesh-and-blood recruiter.

In the video, we see someone leaning back while his clone conducts an online job interview

Whether this capability will actually be available soon remains to be seen. What is certain, however, is that this development would have major consequences for both recruiters and career professionals. Because if people can deploy robots for their job interviews in the future, the purpose of that interview seems to disappear. Career professionals must simultaneously shift the focus of their job application assistance, as AI takes over this important part of the process.

AIApply so far

As for AIApply: the platform has been around for a while but continues to expand its capabilities. Until now, those using the website in their job search could have a unique cover letter and a unique resume written for each vacancy. Moreover, one could have a follow-up email sent and professional passport photos generated.

The platform was already making headway before it came up with the clone function

So far, little that ChatGPT doesn’t also do, but the platform was already making headway before it came up with the clone function. For example, AIApply generated interview questions so you could prepare well – the platform also suggested answers. Another existing impressive feature? AIApply scrapes job listings from the internet, matching you with them based on your resume. So, if a vacancy that fits you becomes available? Then you’re the first to know.

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Want to see the video yourself? You can via the LinkedIn page of Aidan Cramer, CEO of AIApply. More about that platform? Click here for their website.



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