Randstad's new project: What is R-One?

Randstad is building a new global front office system to improve business collaboration and efficiency. Is this part of their new strategy? Discover what R-One is about!

Victoria Egba on December 04, 2023 Average reading time: 2 min
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Randstad's new project: What is R-One?

Randstad has been working on a ‘secret’ project called R-one, which is yet to be officially announced by the company. However, findings show that the R-One solution is a new global front office system implemented by Randstad aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and collaboration.

The product implementation is led by Anders Ekendahl, who manages expectations of planning and available products with local teams and aligns the functionality with global stakeholders. The R-one project has been in the works since at least 2021, when Dorien Woudenberg was the global implementation lead, and now Randstad is preparing for its official rollout. Randstad’s emphasis now is on managing change impacts, devising a robust rollout strategy, stakeholder management, effective communication, and providing support during this digital transformation.

Moreover, they are integrating myTrailhead, the new online learning platform which embeds learning directly into the onboarding process of the new R-one. However, Randstad is still hiring and promoting people from their local teams to aid the strategic rollout of the product.

Furthermore, they are working with local Opcos to aid the configuration and localization of the global platform. Those working on the R-one project also collaborate closely with the global teams, the local implementation team, SalesForce and Bullhorn partners to make this digital transformation a success.

Given that Randstad recently announced its new strategy to reduce and work towards closing the skilled talent shortage, R-one may be a practical part of that implementation.


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