The new strategy of Randstad: The talent company

Randstad is working towards closing the skilled talent shortage with its new strategy. What are these strategies? Can they aid in better talent acquisition?


Victoria Egba on November 29, 2023 Average reading time: 2 min
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The new strategy of Randstad: The talent company

Facing a shortage of skilled workers and changing job expectations, Randstad NV, the global staffing leader, is rolling out a new strategy called ‘partner for talent.’ The change, driven by CEO Sander van ‘t Noordende, intends to position Randstad as the go-to firm for fairness and specialized skills.

The job market is evolving due to a shortage of skilled talents, corporations seeking greater talent partnerships, and the advent of digital technology. Van ‘t Noordende proposes a major shift in how talent is sought and handled to adapt to these developments. He said, “The world of work is being transformed by three fundamental trends:

  • Trend 1: structural talent scarcity and changing talent expectations,
  • Trend 2: clients seeking deeper partnerships to manage their talent needs, and
  • Trend 3: the deployment of digital technologies, including AI in the workplace.”

Randstad’s new plan focuses on four particular areas: Operational Talent Solutions, Professional Talent Solutions, Digital Talent Solutions, and Enterprise Talent Solutions. This way, both workers and companies get the specific support they need for their industries.

Randstad’s simple aim is to build a reputation for possessing the right skills for today’s jobs and managing talent expectations to enhance retention.

The strategy includes five key parts: growing through specialization, ensuring fair treatment of talent, delivering excellent service, improving technology, and having the best team.

Specialization and Growth

Randstad’s journey begins with a focus on specialization and growth. Their focus extends to high-growth fields: engineering, finance, healthcare, and information technology. Their goal is to stand out and meet client and talent demands effectively. To achieve this, the company plans skill expansion through services like workforce advising, coaching, and skilling. This growth strategy will unfold organically and through the Randstad Talent Platform.┬áThe aim is to ensure it stays at the forefront of talent solutions.

Finding the Best Team (Talent Sourcing)

Randstad isn’t just about finding jobs and talent; it’s about having the best team to make it all happen. The company believes it has crafted a unique culture and strong values that draw in top talent in the market. They now aim to find and retain top talents while offering equitable opportunities to the talents. Upgrading IT capabilities and digital solutions on the Randstad Talent platform becomes crucial for making it happen for both talent and clients

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