Transforming talent acquisition: 7 Key insights for effective recruitment   

CareerPlug’s recently released Applicant Expectations Report unveils key strategies for reshaping talent acquisition. Highlighting data from Kelton Research and Jibe, it reveals that 86% of job seekers prefer using smartphones for their job search, emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly applications.

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Transforming talent acquisition: 7 Key insights for effective recruitment   

The report advocates for clarity in job postings, highlighting its benefits and growth opportunities, and endorses a skills-first approach, moving beyond traditional educational and work history requirements. By recommending a streamlined application process, it aligns with the current preferences of job seekers, marking a shift towards more responsive and candidate-focused recruitment practices. 

7 key-insights based on the Applicant Expectations Report  

  1. The vital role of job postings: Clear, engaging first impression

    Job postings are vital in recruitment, serving as the first interaction between employers and candidates. The “Applicant Expectations Report” highlights the importance of clear, detailed information about salary, benefits, and professional development in these postings

    Benefits and perks are the top priority for 56% of job seekers, while 46% prioritize compensation, indicating a preference for a comprehensive job package.


    Remote or flexible work options matter to 45% of job seekers, with workplace location important for 39%. Elements like company reputation, brand, culture, and employee testimonials also influence candidate attraction. Employers can improve their job postings by tailoring them to showcase strengths like innovative work environments or commitment to employee growth, enhancing the quality of their applicant pool and ensuring alignment with candidate expectations.

  2. Skills-first hiring: Embracing diverse talents

    The skills-first hiring approach is a significant shift in recruitment practices, focusing on candidates’ skills and abilities over traditional educational and professional qualifications. This approach, as discussed in McKinsey’s report on building the future workforce, diverges from conventional hiring that emphasizes degrees and formal experience, benefiting both candidates and recruiters.As seen in scenarios where a self-taught graphic designer with a robust portfolio might be preferred over someone with a formal degree but less practical experience. This emphasis on skills rather than just credentials aligns more closely with specific job requirements, expanding the talent pool and improving both job satisfaction and performance.

  3. Streamlining the application process: Efficient and user-friendly

    The importance of streamlining the recruitment application process lies in its ability to attract a diverse range of candidates and facilitate an efficient hiring cycle. Notably, 46% of job seekers are put off by long application processes, and 39% find the requirement to create an account unnecessary.

    In response, it’s beneficial for employers to implement a more user-friendly and efficient approach. A practical solution is the integration of application forms with professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, which helps reduce repetitive data entry.

  4. React within 24 Hours! Swift communication in recruitment

    Reacting swiftly within 24 hours is crucial in the recruitment process, as emphasized in the report. Candidates now expect timely responses, ideally within a day of applying. To meet these rapid response expectations, it’s recommended to employ automated communication systems.These systems can efficiently acknowledge the receipt of applications and provide ongoing status updates.

    This commitment to quick communication is more than just a strategic move; it demonstrates a company’s dedication to keeping pace with evolving candidate expectations.

  5. Personalized post-application interaction: Making connections count

    Post-application interaction is vital, emphasizing the value of personalized engagement. Candidates appreciate a personal touch, such as a phone interview, which goes beyond the impersonality of emails or automated messages. Personalized interactions can increase candidate engagement, fostering a connection between the candidate and the organization.In a competitive job market, personalized post-application interactions can serve as a key differentiator, enhancing the employer brand and attracting top talent.

  6. Courtesy and responsiveness: Building a strong employer brand

    The report advocates for responding to every applicant, even with a concise message about their application status. This level of responsiveness demonstrates transparency and acknowledges the value of each candidate’s contribution to the recruitment process.Beyond individual candidates, responsive and courteous communication strengthens the employer brand. Candidates who receive thoughtful communication, even in the face of unfavourable outcomes, are more likely to share positive experiences.

  7. Embracing technological adaptations: Keeping pace with digital trends

    Embracing technological adaptations in recruitment is essential to stay aligned with digital trends and cater to modern job seekers’ preferences. This involves integrating advancements like text recruiting and automated interview scheduling.

    Jibe’s infographics reveal that 86% of smartphone users would use their device for job searching, with 65% looking for positions and 55% wanting job alerts. Additionally, 47% would apply to jobs, and 45% would track their application status on mobile.

    The benefits of mobile applications include convenience and immediacy, but challenges include non-optimized career sites and difficulty managing multiple tasks. Adopting these technologies positions a company as forward-thinking and attuned to the needs of tech-savvy candidates. 

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