Google for jobs shakes up Europe

In the summer of 2023, the European job posting industry experienced a notable development with the expansion of Google for Jobs into Germany, following a successful launch in Austria. This move by Google marked a moment in a market already influenced by American companies like Indeed and LinkedIn, which had established substantial presences in the European job market.

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Google for jobs shakes up Europe

The announcement, highlighted by HR Tech and acquisition expert Alexander Churkovski on LinkedIn, underscores the ongoing transformation within the sector, influenced not just by job postings but by the strategic use of AI technologies, brand presence, and market reach.

Google’s Tactical Challenge to Competitors

The job posting industry is undergoing a critical transformation driven by innovation and technological advancement. Companies are not solely focused on revenue from job postings; they are also leveraging AI technologies to revolutionize the sector. An example of this is Google for Jobs’ plan to expand its operations to 40 countries, indicating not only technological advancement but also a significant shift in public perception towards job searching platforms. This expansion poses challenges for established local players like Stepstone, who struggle with outdated technology and find it increasingly difficult to compete with the innovation and growth of companies like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Google.

Google’s advantages and potential obstacles

Google holds a competitive edge with its vast pool of user data, leading technology, and acute sense of market trends. Currently, Google’s job matching function is relatively basic but has the potential for high sophistication. Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of House of HR notes the healthy and sustainable growth of Google, which could become explosive, significantly altering job market dynamics.

Google is quietly capturing a significant share of the market, with 25% of applicants already coming from Google for Jobs

He points out that while many focus on Indeed and LinkedIn, Google is quietly capturing a significant share of the market, with 25% of applicants already coming from Google for Jobs.

However, Google’s expansion into Europe faces challenges, particularly from the European Union’s legal framework, which necessitates a cautious approach to ensure compliance with EU regulations. This strategic approach could be advantageous, especially in economic downturns, making Google’s expansion more favoruable to job seekers and businesses alike, potentially improving its standing with EU regulators.

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