Stepstone Regains Ground from Indeed in Germany

Few exciting developments in the German labor market

In the top 7 of most popular job boards in Germany, there has been no shift
since 2021. Indeed remains number 1 followed by StepStone and Monster. There is little
development in preference for job boards by jobseekers. However, under the ranking of
preferences, there is some dynamics, both for the entire German workforce and among
active job seekers. This latter group is interesting because their behavior and preferences
provide insight into the underlying developments in the preferences of the German workforce when it comes to job search behavior via job sites. This is according to research by Intelligence Group among 9,292 individuals in the German labor market in 2023.

Mirthe Van Brussel on April 25, 2024 Average reading time: 4 min
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Stepstone Regains Ground from Indeed in Germany

In 2021, StepStone seemed to have been definitively beaten by the German and European market leader Indeed, as in other European countries like Belgium, UK and the Netherlands. However, in 2023 it is still very much alive and the gap to Indeed has become much smaller, both among the entire German workforce and among active job seekers. StepStone can even dream of becoming number 1 again in the German market now that it invests and innovates, including in AI and improved matching and search. Indeed, on the other hand, is leaving market opportunity on the table due to reorganizations, less utilization of its market leadership, and shifting its strategy towards sourcing.

StepStone may have lost its European footprint, but in Germany, it is still very strong.
Despite significant price increases and a price for posting job vacancies that is often 5 to 10 times as high in Germany compared to other European countries, it has a very strong reputation. With innovations, candidates continue to use StepStone, and whoever has the
candidates, has the market. Especially with the current shortage,’ said Geert-Jan Waasdorp, CEO of Intelligence Group. ‘Additionally, German employers and employees are conservative and not very adventurous in seeking employees or jobs. At the same time, parties like Google, Meta, TikTok, Indeed, or LinkedIn also give little reason for employers or job seekers to change their behavior. StepStone makes optimal use of this.

Where is the German job board market heading?

In 2022, it seemed that the giants LinkedIn and Indeed were going to further dominate the German job board market. The small growth that LinkedIn experienced in preference in 2022 among active job seekers has not risen further in 2023 and remains at the same level as Xing. As a social media platform, LinkedIn also has some job market power. But even if you were to include that, the global market leader still does not get a grip on the German market. This is also not to be expected anymore as they are past their peak in popularity worldwide among employers and employees. Indeed and StepStone, supplemented by Arbeidsagentur, are still the most important job boards on the German labor market. It is not inconceivable that, if StepStone continues to invest in the specific wishes of its German home market, leadership might once again be within reach. In terms of marketing power, visibility from Heyjobs might also be expected. However, they may be known among employers and agencies, but they do not yet appear in the lists among active job seekers.

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