How to Build a Company Culture That Everyone Feels Connected To

Join our Expert Talk series: How to Build a Company Culture That Everyone Feels Connected To

Presented by Ligia Koijen Ramos – Speaker, Coach, and Owner of In2motivation, & our own expert Emmanuèle van Houdenhoven-Collard – Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables.

Undutchables offers a 3 workshop Expert Talk Series focused on building your organisational culture:

Part 1: Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success – March 10th

Part 2: Influencing Culture(s) – June 30th

Part 3: The Secret to an Organizational Culture That Everyone Loves – November 17th

Part 1: Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success – March 10th
Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success is a workshop focused on recognizing what makes a culture unique, and learning how to integrate the dimensions of culture that will promote the best results for the organisation. You can expect a practical approach with a focus on making work a great place for all.

During the 1st workshop our speaker, Ligia Koijen Ramos, will guide you through the world of culture and its dimensions.

The aim – help you profile your organization as a talent destination and retention hub.

One hour of inspiration and practical tips, guaranteed.

Part 2: Influencing Culture(s) – June 30th
Communication is key. The ability to influence and inspire is the future of work. During this workshop the focus will be to give you the master skills and tools you will need to influence around the globe, get the best out of people, and help people feel that they belong. Registration will be available after March 10th.

Part 3: The Secret to an Organisational Culture That Everyone Loves – November 17th
Belonging, participation. and talent are the biggest words for 2023. Are you asking yourself: How do I develop an organisational culture that people want to belong to, and how can I build a culture that provides daily support to the vision and results of the organisation? Then this is the workshop that you want to attend! Registration will be available after June 30th.

Is this topic relevant to your company? Join us on March 10th, and the subsequent dates, to learn more from our experts and profit from the insights of other participants.

Fake employees: What to look out for & how to spot them

Are you interested in hearing about how forging documents to get a job is on the increase, trends in ID document fraud, and the various ways job seekers are creating fake documents for recruitment? If the answer is yes, this Reed Screening webinar is for you.

Fake identity documents in recruitment impact employers more now than ever. The impact of COVID on the labour market has exposed organisations to an increase in document fraud, resulting in heightened risk to business.

Undutchables Expert Talk: How diversity and inclusion can help you scale up your team

Join our Expert talk 8:

“How diversity and inclusion can help you scale up your team with (international) talents in time of shortage. Plus, what are the trends in Sweden?”

Presented by our own experts Marjan Stoit, Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables Netherlands, and Karin Bjorkman, Owner of Undutchables Sweden.

During this Expert talk you will receive concrete tips to get yourself started to set up a diverse and inclusive workforce. Think of setting up a good recruitment plan and creating support, we also give you a glimpse into the Swedish kitchen how they approach this. In both countries diversity and inclusion is an important topic at the moment. We bring them both together to share best practices and see what we can learn from each other.

During the webinar we will:

  • Give 5 tips on how to create a diverse workforce
  • Discuss on how to set up a good recruitment plan
  • Share best practices between The Netherlands and Sweden

10.00 Introduction
10.05 Interactive Session
10.50 Wrap-up and Q&A
11.00 End

Online via Zoom
You can register by clicking here.

Webinar: How three recruitment teams are making their data work for them!

In this webinar, we share some essential building blocks for successfully using data in a recruitment environment. During the webinar, we will interview three recruitment teams to understand how they are actually succeeding by working on these building blocks.

The program:

  • 10:30 Welcome and introduction by our host Maurice Coulier
  • 10:35 Presentation | Dirk Meeuws, COO & CTO, OnRecruit
  • 10:50 Interview #1| Steven Vastenhoud, Data & Intelligence Manager, Building Heroes
  • 11:00 Interview #2| Roy Treffers, Senior Marketeer, VNOM
  • 11:10 Interview #3| Egon Schilders, Resource Manager, Velde
  • 11:20 Q&A
  • 11:30 end

Real Links Webinar: All Aboard! Great Western Railway’s Internal Mobility Journey

Keirran Slimmon, Head of Recruitment at Great Western Railway (GW) joins Real Links CEO Sam Davies to talk about their internal mobility journey.
Hear from Keirran on the reasons GWR decided to prioritise internal mobility, how they’ve gone about it and the internal mobility tech platform they’ve been helping to build as part of a development partnership with us here at Real Links.
What will be covered:
  • How GWR’s decision to make internal mobility part of their recruitment strategy came about
  • GWR’s internal mobility journey so far
  • How GWR have been working as a development partner with Real Links to help build an internal mobility technology platform that ticks all of their boxes

Predicting the Future of Talent: What’s Next for Recruiting in 2021?

With the new year on the horizon and a challenging one coming to a close — are you ready for what 2021 will bring? As the pandemic resets major working trends, the focus of HR professionals next year will shift to reshaping the digital workforce and employee planning, management, performance, and experience strategies.
Join the panel discussion with our experts and find out what you need in your arsenal to ensure your company is ready for hiring in 2021.
Join our webinar to learn:
  • What the top predictions are for hiring top talent in 2021
  • How will digital transformation change the nature of work and hiring
  • What performance management can teach you about the future of sourcing and hiring

Hire for Growth: three strategies for an upskilling-oriented hiring process

The hiring process can be a great opportunity to ignite upskilling and professional development processes from the very first moment the interaction with the candidate starts.
How can we design the hiring process as an accurate assessment of the candidate’s assets and growth potential?
What strategies and technologies can help us reach maximum alignment between the candidate’s capacities and our organisational needs?
The webinar will present a number of innovative techniques and models to craft a more productive, efficient and inspiring candidate experience.
Avy Leghziel (@avyleg, sees the world through the lenses of career management and adult learning. As a Professional Development specialist, he’s been running programs and training courses in the field of professional and personal development for the past 15 years. Originally from Rome, Italy, Avy is passionate about modern culture, productivity techniques and design.

Webinar: How AI for Recruitment becomes more transparent with Knowledge Graphs

Bring transparency and a “human touch” to AI for Recruitment with Semantic Modeling and Machine Learning. What if you could work with technology instead of against it? What if you could better understand the results AI brings you and you could even shape it to better serve your needs?
It is possible! We’ll show you how it works and how to rock at it.
In this webinar you will learn more about:
  • How to bring transparency and control to your AI-powered recruitment solutions
  • How cleaning up your data will lead you to better recruitment data selection
  • How Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs complement and enhance Machine Learning in the AI world of Recruitment

Undutchables Expert Talk: ‘Quality of Life at Work & remote working!’

Quality of Life at Work & remote working!

Knowing how to set good practices to avoid professional risk due to this fast move into remote work is precisely the goal of this interactive webinar. It is designed to benefit both managers and employees. To help you face this unique challenge, Undutchables is happy to welcome Sophie Grünfelder an international consultant and researcher in HR. She supports quality of work life, sustainable leadership and ways of developing a responsive management (top management and middle management).

During this webinar, she will answer practical questions from participants and offer tips around the following topics:

  • How to work well on your own remotely, preserving a good quality of work-private life balance ?
  • How to collaborate well remotely with the rest of your team, paying individual attention to efficiency and well-being ?
  • How to manage your team remotely, harmonize & coordinate each team member with a tailored approach – including management of employees’ distress (signals & solutions)?
  • How to (e-)meet effectively respecting everyone’s expectations and promoting collective satisfaction?

Talent Tech Rising

The right technology can completely revolutionize your function, however the journey to find the right tech for you can be a time-consuming task. Across two-days in November, we’re putting the power back into your hands in a showcase of the latest, most innovative Talent Technology currently available on the marketplace.

In this unique digital setting, you will be given the opportunity to explore and enable the next steps that technology can bring to your functions. You choose which technologies you connect within a series of 10-minute, hyper-focused product demonstrations.

EU Tour: A Hiring Success® Event

As the world changes around us on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to stay updated on all the recent trends in the industry.

Along with our partners, we are bringing you the latest case studies and thought leadership in talent acquisition today. And if you want to know more about the products, demo sessions will be available throughout the day.

By creating a platform for you and your team to revisit your processes and technology, our goal is to help you chart a course towards a modernized talent acquisition function that achieves Hiring Success outcomes.

After a general plenary session in English, you can follow a French, German or English track where you will hear from our local partners, customers through fireside chats, case studies and thought leadership.

Register to join 1000+ TA leaders and practitioners on this EU TOUR!

This includes:
  • Case studies from real-life practitioners
  • Virtual round tables
  • Pre-recorded demos’