Real Links Webinar: All Aboard! Great Western Railway’s Internal Mobility Journey

  • Start: Wednesday November 11 2020
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Keirran Slimmon, Head of Recruitment at Great Western Railway (GW) joins Real Links CEO Sam Davies to talk about their internal mobility journey.

Hear from Keirran on the reasons GWR decided to prioritise internal mobility, how they’ve gone about it and the internal mobility tech platform they’ve been helping to build as part of a development partnership with us here at Real Links.

What will be covered:

  • How GWR’s decision to make internal mobility part of their recruitment strategy came about

  • GWR’s internal mobility journey so far

  • How GWR have been working as a development partner with Real Links to help build an internal mobility technology platform that ticks all of their boxes

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  • Start: Wednesday November 11 2020
  • 14:00
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