Hire for Growth: three strategies for an upskilling-oriented hiring process

  • Start: Thursday November 12 2020
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The hiring process can be a great opportunity to ignite upskilling and professional development processes from the very first moment the interaction with the candidate starts.

How can we design the hiring process as an accurate assessment of the candidate’s assets and growth potential?

What strategies and technologies can help us reach maximum alignment between the candidate’s capacities and our organisational needs?

The webinar will present a number of innovative techniques and models to craft a more productive, efficient and inspiring candidate experience.


Avy Leghziel (@avyleg, thesabidot.com) sees the world through the lenses of career management and adult learning. As a Professional Development specialist, he’s been running programs and training courses in the field of professional and personal development for the past 15 years. Originally from Rome, Italy, Avy is passionate about modern culture, productivity techniques and design.

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  • Start: Thursday November 12 2020
  • 15:00
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