3 AI Recruitment jobs that will emerge in 2024

Recruitment is changing fast, especially with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jim Stroud, a guest on the Chad and Cheese podcast and an expert in HR and talent acquisition, talked about how AI is already reshaping the way people are hired. 

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3 AI Recruitment jobs that will emerge in 2024

AI is revolutionizing recruitment, necessitating new job roles for managing its unique challenges, such as understanding AI’s functioning and its integration into hiring processes. Jim Stroud highlights this shift, emphasizing the need for skills suited to this digital era. This transformation in recruitment technology demands professionals adapt and develop AI-compatible skills, significantly altering traditional hiring approaches. Jim Stroud lists several key jobs essential in this AI-driven landscape.

#1. Algorithmic recruiting analyst: Combining AI and HR skills
The role of an Algorithmic Recruiting Analyst is increasingly crucial in the crossroads of artificial intelligence (AI) and human resources (HR). This position involves not only understanding but also enhancing AI-driven hiring tools. Unlike traditional recruiting analysts, professionals in this role are tasked with ensuring AI systems not only identify top candidates but also align them with the most fitting roles.

However, their responsibilities extend beyond technical skills; they are also look after equitable and diverse recruitment practices.

This includes striving for equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of background. Competency in this role requires a robust knowledge of AI and machine learning, coupled with a profound understanding of recruitment strategies and talent acquisition.

#2. Ethical AI compliance officer: Making sure AI is fair and legal
As AI becomes more common in different areas, like recruitment, the role of an Ethical AI Compliance Officer is getting more attention. This job is important because of new rules in places like the EU and the US that control how AI is used. People in this job make sure that AI tools in recruitment follow these rules and laws. They work to prevent AI from being biased and ensure it treats everyone equally.

They also keep the recruitment process clear and honest.

To do well in this job, someone needs to understand legal and ethical standards well, and also know how AI works.

For detailed information on roles like the Ethical AI Compliance Officer, as shown above, including specific qualifications and responsibilities, you can refer to job listings on Job boards.

#3. AI Recruitment trainer: Teaching how to use AI in hiring

AI Recruitment Trainers play an important role in modern recruitment practices by equipping HR teams with the necessary skills to effectively utilize AI tools in the hiring process. As AI technology rapidly advances, these trainers are essential in bridging the gap between the theoretical aspects of AI and its practical applications in everyday recruitment tasks.

With the increasing trend of job seekers using AI-powered tools, like OpenAI for tasks such as resume writing and job applications, the demand for AI Recruitment Trainers is growing significantly. They are responsible for showing how AI tools can be seamlessly integrated into current recruitment processes, thereby making these processes more efficient and productive.

The importance of AI Recruitment Trainers in the recruitment industry cannot be overstated.

As technology becomes a more integral part of the job application process, their role in facilitating the ethical and effective use of AI in recruitment becomes increasingly significant. They ensure that while organizations leverage the benefits of AI, the human element in the recruitment process is not overshadowed.

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