What are the best recruitment blogs? LinkedIn, Undercover Recruiter and Ongig lead the way

While much of the recruitment reality had been turned on its head for the past year, one thing remained stable: the incredible amount of recruitment-related inspiration, written and presented by some of the finest authors and companies. Leading the way: LinkedIn Talent Blog, Undercover Recruiter, Ongig, Glassdoor for Employers and Harver.

Jasper Spanjaart on May 17, 2021 Average reading time: 3 min
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What are the best recruitment blogs? LinkedIn, Undercover Recruiter and Ongig lead the way

Organic traffic: the stuff of everyone’s blogging dream. While we’re more than proud to have our own fair share of it (shameless plug), which recruiting and HR sites lead the way in their respective categories? Ongig accumulated a massive list of the top 100 HR and recruitment blogs in the market they know best: the United States. That didn’t, however, permit them from leaving out entries from all over the world.

They researched the number of visitors through ahrefs, an SEO tool that scores websites on organic traffic. Based on a few data points, such as backlinks, referring domains and organic keywords — it is able to conduct a thorough reading of the website’s success in terms of organic traffic.

#1: LinkedIn Talent Blog

Leading the way in the recruitment category, perhaps unsurprisingly, is LinkedIn Talent Blog. With new entries on top subject every week, it has excelled at creating several insightful blog entries every week — written by some of the finest and most experienced minds in the recruiting industry.

From employee referrals to diversity strategies — there isn’t a recruiting topic LinkedIn Talent Blog hasn’t covered. It also features a weekly summary of the 10 most popular articles among recruiters every week.

👉 Last week, John Vlastelica, the founder and managing director of Recruiting Toolbox wrote an extremely interesting piece on culture risks when hiring at scale.

#2: Undercover Recruiter Blog

For a few years now, Undercover Recruiter has been a one-stop-shop for pretty much everything you need as an active participant in recruiting strategies. They have split up their main categories in three: Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition and Workplace. Articles are either written anonymously by a guest author or by a leading voice in the recruitment industry.

👉 Just take this recent entry by Tiger Recruitment Founder David Morel on the recruitment market bouncing back.

#3: Ongig

While Ongig is largely known for the service it provides in creating effective and inclusive job descriptions — and doing so for some of the biggest organisations in the world — many will also know Ongig for its blogging expertise. These blogs come in the form of critical pieces on diversity strategies or the best crypto-related job titles.

👉 They are mostly written by Ongig’s Heather Barbour who quite clearly excels at turning extensive, in-depth research into comprehensible blog entries.

#4: Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor is, of course, very well-known for being the place where current and former employees can go to anonymously review their company. Moreover, it is widely is regarded by users as more trustworthy sources of information than career guides or official company documents. On the employer side, the fitting Glassdoor for Employers provides in-depth blogs on the latest trends and tips for recruiting, retention and branding.

👉 Their blogs are usually to-the-point yet really effective. Just take this article on how to improve an interview process.

#5: Harver Blog

Recently acquired by Outmatch, Harver is best known for the volume hiring software it provides for a variety of leading companies. But in recent years, Harver has also been responsible for a large number of insightful pieces on a variety of different recruitment-related categories.

👉 Some entries are category-specific, like this piece on how to decrease employee turnover in retail — so there’s something there for everyone.

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