What are 20 questions that keep TA-leaders awake at night in Europe?

For the European Talent Intelligence Week, recruitment managers, CHRO’s and Talent Acquisition Leaders all over Europe are pushing their one-question-for-free recruitment and talent intelligence question to Intelligence Group, Stratigens, and Trendence.

This week From May 13th until May 17th you can still send in your question and that will be answered this or next week. Out of the questions we’ve received, we took 20 of the most interesting. For inspiration and to give some additional insights into what kind of questions TA leader have in Europe:

Sammen Qureshi-kafa on May 13, 2024 Average reading time: 2 min
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What are 20 questions that keep TA-leaders awake at night in Europe?
  1. What would attract young professionals (3-8 years work experience) to move from corporate to smaller size businesses?
  2. What are the critical criteria to incorporate when crafting a location strategy? What are the top 5 locations (country – wise) hosting security engineers’ talent in Europe?
  3. How do you prepare your Workforce on the upcoming Labour shortage to come in 5-10 years?
  4. How can you assess current & future skills based on skills inference in GenAI?
  5. What are the most effective recruitment channels for attracting talent in the European IT-Sector?
  6. What are in the current time the benchmarks for hiring blue-collar/shop and engineering talent across Europe (within manufacturing sector).
  7. Which three countries can offer highest return on investment in attracting migrant workers to the Netherlands for engineering jobs? (given willingness to relocate and to stay)
  8. How can we persuade freelance nurses to our internal flexible talent pool and show them what advantages a contract has?
  9. How will the composition of the labour market change between now and 2030 in France, Germany, the UK and Italy? What are the structural trends to watch for in each? What are the trends in regards to jobs loss and re-skilling that need to be accounted for?
  10. How will the shortage develop in healthcare and nursing in the next years?
  11. How many Sr. System Engineers with Windows, Linux and Security experience, with sufficient certifications, who speak the German language are available within the bigger area of Rome?
  12. What is the required renumeration to keep the same standard of living when someone moves to another area/city/country.
  13. As most of the workforce is latently/passively looking for a new job, we would be interested to know when a job vacancy stands out for this target audience, and in particular on which (online) platform this is most likely to convert into an application.
  14. What are the data insights for the role of retail field/area manager in the greater Paris region or France.
  15. How big is the candidate market for Audio / Acoustic Engineers in Denmark and what channels to use to reach out to these candidates?
  16. What cities in our near Slovakia have skilled blue collar production workers in manufacturing, automotive, and adjacent industries.
  17. Which channels are European delivery drivers most often use when applying for a job?
  18. Which 3 factors do German store employees find most important when looking for a new job?
  19. What are the best sources for engineers in Poland and the Czech Republic?
  20. What is the average salary range from junior to senior for a front-end developer in the Netherlands (in particular location Randstad)?

You can challenge us till May 17th (00:00) with one free with one question…..

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