The Thought & Business Leaders of Talent Acquisition (TAtech Honors first half 2024)

TAtech Honors, an annual celebration recognizing 40 influential talent acquisition and technology figures, has unveiled its first 20 honorees for 2024. These industry leaders are reshaping recruitment through innovation, efficiency, and strategic vision. Let’s explore the individuals setting the agenda in talent acquisition and their impactful contributions to the field.

(Note: The following list is presented in no particular order.)

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The Thought & Business Leaders of Talent Acquisition (TAtech Honors first half 2024)


Shelley Billinghurst – Founder and CEO of Hire Value Inc

With over two decades of experience, Shelley Billinghurst has established herself as a thought leader in recruitment marketing and HR consulting. As the founder of Hire Value Inc., she specializes in strategic recruitment planning, employer branding, and talent acquisition. Shelley co-hosts “The Recruitment Flex” podcast and is a frequent speaker at industry events, sharing her innovative approaches to improving the recruitment process.

Hilda Kabushenga Kragha – CEO of The African Talent Company

Leading The African Talent Company (TATC), Hilda Kabushenga Kragha is at the forefront of bridging the talent gap in Africa through tech-enabled solutions. TATC, which includes brands like Jobberman and BrighterMonday, serves over 4.6 million job seekers and 150,000+ employers. Hilda’s focus on leveraging technology for workforce development has made her a key figure in democratizing job opportunities across the African continent.

Allyn Bailey – Executive Director of Hiring Success at SmartRecruiters

Allyn Bailey, a recognized talent futurist and HR technology specialist, leads a global team of consultants at SmartRecruiters. Her innovative work, including the Talent Acquisition Infinity Loop model, has revolutionized recruitment strategies. Allyn is also a frequent blogger, keynote speaker, and co-host of “The Talent Rebelcast” podcast, driving change in the talent industry.

Beverly Collins-Shaw – CEO of CV Wallet

As CEO of CV Wallet, Beverly Collins-Shaw is pioneering the integration of Web3 and AI technologies in career management and recruitment. Her extensive experience in the recruitment industry has led to developing innovative, technology-driven solutions that enhance the connection between employers and top talent.

David Crawford – VP of Talent Acquisition at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

David Crawford leads recruitment strategies for one of the nation’s top healthcare institutions. His unique approach combines traditional recruiting expertise with innovative practices, including virtual interviewing and targeted career events. Under his leadership, NewYork-Presbyterian has received recognition as a “Best Place to Work” from Forbes, Fortune, and Glassdoor.

Katrina-Hutchinson-Oneill – CEO and Founder of Joint Talent

With over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles, Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill founded Join Talent in 2018. The company has experienced rapid growth, employing over 260 people across 23 countries. Katrina’s strategic vision and innovative approach have earned her multiple accolades, including “Recruitment Leader of the Year” and “Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Lucas Martinez – Co-founder and CEO of

Since co-founding in 2011, Lucas Martinez has transformed it into a significant player in the recruitment industry. The platform offers a comprehensive job search experience by aggregating job ads from various sources, aiming to make every online job accessible to job seekers worldwide.

Thad Price – CEO of Talroo

Thad Price leads Talroo, a talent attraction platform leveraging data-driven job advertising solutions. With over 15 years of experience in online recruitment, Thad focuses on transforming client feedback into impactful products that enhance the hiring process through predictive analytics and performance-based advertising models.

Steve Flook – President and CEO of iHire

Steve Flook brings his software systems and information architecture background to his role at iHire, a recruitment marketing platform connecting candidates and employers across 56 industry-specific communities. His leadership leverages technology to streamline recruitment processes and improve the candidate experience.

Fred Goff – Co-founder and CEO of Jobcase


Fred Goff leads Jobcase, a social platform that empowers workers with tools and resources to improve their work lives. Under his guidance, Jobcase has expanded its reach to millions of members, focusing on addressing the future of work and the impacts of AI on the labour market.

Adam Stafford – CEO of Recruitcs

Adam Stafford leads Recruitics as its CEO, bringing a wealth of experience in talent acquisition. His strategic vision drives the development of tech-driven recruitment solutions that connect talent with opportunities. As a recognized thought leader, Adam frequently speaks at industry conferences, sharing insights on the evolving recruitment technology landscape.

Renee La Londe – Founder and CEO of iTalent Digital

Renee La Londe has established iTalent Digital as a pioneering company in diverse talent acquisition. Her advocacy for STEM education and mentoring women has earned her numerous accolades, including the Tech Innovator of the Year and National STEM Mentoring Award. Renee’s leadership at iTalent Digital emphasizes the importance of diversity in the tech industry and innovative approaches to talent acquisition.

Andreea Wade – VP of Product Strategy at iCIMS

With a diverse background spanning programming, journalism, product management, and entrepreneurship, Andreea Wade brings a unique perspective to her role at iCIMS. As the co-founder of (acquired by iCIMS in 2020), she has a proven track record in HR tech innovation. Andreea’s work focuses on advancing product strategies to enhance talent acquisition and management solutions, leveraging her experience as a startup mentor across Europe and the Middle East.

Wendy McDougall – CEO and Founder of Firefish Software

Wendy McDougall’s journey from recruiter to CEO of Firefish Software exemplifies her deep understanding of the recruitment industry. With over two decades of experience, she has successfully merged her expertise with innovative technology, particularly in AI applications for recruitment. Wendy is renowned for her ability to make complex tech concepts accessible and provide practical insights. Her forward-thinking approach has positioned Firefish as a critical player in the recruitment software sector.

Richard Collins – Co-founder of CV Wallet

Richard Collins brings a wealth of experience in digital recruitment to his role as co-founder of CV Wallet. His innovative career management app integrates Web3 and AI technologies to revolutionize hiring. Richard’s mission is to create a fairer and more efficient recruitment system, empowering job seekers to own their data while providing employers with qualified candidates. His previous ventures, including ClickIQ (sold to Indeed in 2019), showcase his long-standing commitment to advancing recruitment technology.

Hung Lee – Editor of Recruiting Brainfood

As the editor of the industry-leading newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, Hung Lee has established himself as a curator of valuable insights in the recruitment field. With over 15 years of experience in various recruitment roles, Hung’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of talent acquisition. Based in London, he has become a well-respected figure known for fostering a community of forward-thinking recruitment professionals through his curated content and industry analysis.

Shelia Gray – VP of Talent Acquisition at Generac Power Systems

At Generac Power Systems, Shelia Gray leads strategic talent acquisition and transformation efforts. Her innovative approach, which leverages design thinking to address talent supply challenges, has set her apart in the industry. With extensive experience in HR and talent acquisition, Shelia actively participates in industry events and conferences, sharing her insights on cutting-edge recruitment strategies.

Aaron Matos – Founder and Executive Chairman of Paradox

Aaron Matos’s journey in the talent acquisition sector spans over two decades, during which he has founded several successful companies, including and As the founder of Paradox, Aaron has focused on leveraging conversational AI to transform recruiting processes. His vision of using assistive intelligence to automate mundane tasks has allowed HR professionals to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. Under his leadership, Paradox has achieved significant growth and recognition, including three consecutive Inc. 500 awards.

Sarah White – CEO and Head of Research of Aspect43

Sarah White has established herself as a prominent figure in the HR tech space over the past decade. As the CEO and Head of Research at Aspect43, she is dedicated to advancing HR, talent, and work technology. Sarah’s expertise as an advisor, strategist, and analyst has earned her recognition on numerous “influencer” lists in the HR and recruiting industries. Her annual insights and market landscape guides have become valuable resources for organizations and HR tech vendors. Sarah is also a regular speaker at major industry events, sharing her passion for improving how people interact with technology in the workplace.

Christian Forman – Founder and CEO of Appcast

Christian Forman leads Appcast, a programmatic job advertising platform that has become a key player in the HR tech space. His focus on leveraging technology to optimize recruitment advertising has driven significant growth and innovation within the company. Christian’s leadership has positioned Appcast as a trusted solution for many businesses looking to enhance their talent acquisition strategies. With extensive experience in the recruitment industry and a history of executive roles, Christian continues to push the boundaries of how technology can improve talent acquisition processes.

These 20 leaders represent the cutting edge of talent acquisition, driving innovations and reshaping how organizations attract, engage, and retain top talent.  As we look ahead to the second half of 2024’s honorees, to be announced later this year, it’s clear that the future of talent acquisition is in capable and visionary hands.

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