The nice and naughty persons and companies of 2023 by Chad & Cheese...

In the last 2023 podcast of the Chad and Cheese show, hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman put together a list called “Naughty and Nice.” This unique list aimed to highlight the performance of various companies and individuals in 2023.  

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The nice and naughty persons and companies of 2023 by Chad & Cheese...

The podcast is quite famous for being bold and discussing a wide range of work and recruitment related topics. In this particular episode, they took a step into analyzing which companies and individuals excelled and which ones didn’t during the year.  

The “Naughty” side focused on who didn’t do so well. The “nice” side celebrated those who did exceptionally well.

Naughty List

#1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk faced criticism for his impact on Twitter (Now X). People were unhappy with his approach to handling false information, which made the platform’s environment worse. Additionally, his actions caused concern among advertisers and users about the platform’s future changes and how they might affect everyone.

#2. Andi Owens, CEO of MillerKnoll

Andi Owens, landed on the “Naughty” list after facing considerable backlash for comments perceived as insensitive to employee concerns. During a town hall meeting, her remarks about bonuses and remote work were criticized, seen as prioritizing personal interests over worker welfare. Owens’ use of the phrase “leave pity city” while addressing team motivation during a tough period fueled controversy, contributing to her placement on the list.  

However, following the incident, Owens issued an apology to associates and engaged in discussions with company leaders, aiming to rectify any impact caused by her statements. 

#3. Companies and politicians relaxing child labor laws

States like Iowa, Missouri, Florida, and Ohio made it to the “Naughty” list for either passing or considering legislation that aimed to relax child labor laws. The concern raised was the potential regression in safeguarding children’s rights and safety, particularly in industries like meatpacking and construction. These laws posed significant worries about the exploitation of young workers and their vulnerability to hazardous work conditions. 

#4. Nicole Duncan (CEO and MD of CR Commercial Property Group)

Duncan drew criticism for advocating a return to office work, a stance perceived as disconnected from the prevailing reality and more aligned with the interests of commercial real estate. Her push for office returns was seen as prioritizing these real estate concerns over the safety and well-being of workers.

#5.Tim Gurner

The wealthy Australian businessman made comments that were scrutinized for hinting at a preference for increased unemployment and a change in the power dynamic between employers and employees.

We need to see pain in the economy

Tim Gurner, CEO of the Gurner Group, told the Australian Financial Review’s property summit in September. “We need to see unemployment rise — unemployment has to jump 40 to 50 percent, in my view.”

His statements were viewed as dismissive of genuine worker concerns and well-being, reflecting an insensitivity to the challenges faced by employees and their job security. This perception contributed to his inclusion on the “Naughty” list. 

Nice List


Acknowledged for its stand in facilitating remote work, Deel gained acclaim for its impressive growth trajectory, successful fundraising endeavors, and the potential IPO in 2025 in the pipeline.

As remote work becomes more popular, Deel’s adaptability threatens traditional systems

The company’s substantial expansion perfectly aligned with the surging trend of remote work that has gained momentum since 2020. 

As remote work becomes more popular, Deel’s adaptability threatens traditional systems, like local employment agencies, by providing a global platform for talent and employers to connect directly.

#2. Google for Jobs

Applauded for its significant enhancements in user experience and platform layout throughout 2023.In February of that year, Tom Chevalier from Appcast Labs observed Google conducting layout tests, resembling a public beta, showcasing job listings within the paid ad section.

These enhancements were strategic responses to changing market dynamics,

especially in response to competitors like Indeed, adapting to alterations in their cost-per-apply model. Google’s responsiveness and commitment to user experience were recognized as positive advancements in the industry.

#3. Vette (

landed on the “Nice” list for revolutionizing interview scheduling. Their unique method directly links job seekers to interviews based on qualifications, aiming to humanize and personalize recruitment. With Vette’s Instant Interviews and Swift Feedback, candidates can get quick interviews and responses within 10 minutes. This innovation might change the game for recruiters by speeding up the hiring process significantly.. 

#4. The UAW (United Auto Workers)

Specifically recognizing UAW President Shawn Fain for their proactive efforts in mobilizing the workforce and advocating for enhanced working conditions, wages, and benefits. The UAW’s proactive stance was seen as a significant step towards fostering fairness and equality in the labor force, highlighting the importance of championing workers’ rights and overall well-being. 


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