Candidate to Conversion: New startup Vette's offers Instant Interviews and Swift Feedback

A new startup, Vette, is speeding up hiring processes with fast interviews without scheduling and giving feedback to candidates within ten (10) minutes. What does this mean for recruiters?

Victoria Egba on November 07, 2023 Average reading time: 4 min
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Candidate to Conversion: New startup Vette's offers Instant Interviews and Swift Feedback

Vette, is a platform that leverages the gig economy to conduct phone interviews for job applicants on behalf of businesses. It allows applicants to be interviewed when they want, and express interest or apply for a job.

The brainchild of an experienced tech recruiter, Amber Wanner, Vette’s founder, recognized the need for a more efficient and personalized approach to interview candidates. The name “Vette” is not just a play on the word “vetting” that symbolizes the core of the platform’s mission ( “vetting” refers to the process of thoroughly reviewing and evaluating job candidates to assess their qualifications, background, and suitability for a particular position)  — but also truly understand job applicants at the very moment of their intent. The startup has already raised $2.4 million in seed funding.

If a candidate applies in the middle of the night (we have night workers), in the weekend or anywhere in the world, you can have a face to face interview within minutes.

Especially with the high competition on the labour market, speed is the ‘love language’ of candidates. It reduces ghosting by candidates, because they can instantly schedule an interview at the time they want. Sounds like a solution, especially for volume recruitment.

Vette startup-

Capturing talents at their moment of intent

The hiring journey, as Vette defines it, comprises three key phases: the moment of intent, the conversion, and retention. Vette focuses on the first phase, “the moment of intent,” which refers to the critical time when an applicant expresses interest in a job or submits an application. This moment gives companies and recruiters the window of opportunity, and Vette harnesses it effectively to create a genuine connection. How do they do that?

Vette employs a diverse workforce of gig workers, including stay-at-home moms, retirees, military veterans, people with disabilities, and HR professionals working for example working in their free time doing extra gigs. These Vette professionals follow a data-driven interview script provided by the platform, ensuring that each interview is consistent and free from bias. This approach ensures that applicants receive equal and fair treatment, as their qualifications and potential are evaluated objectively. It also brings a personal touch, as opposed to using AI.

No more interview scheduling, plus quick feedback

One of the standout features of Vette is the elimination of scheduling. When an applicant expresses interest in a job or submits an application, Vette swings into action. Instead of forcing applicants to navigate complex calendars or wait for an interview invitation, Vette’s platform sends them a text message inviting them to interview instantly.

On average, applicants can engage in their interview within one minute and 28 seconds from the moment they receive the text message.

The speed at which Vette’s instant interview process operates is impressive. On average, applicants can engage in their interview within one minute and 28 seconds from the moment they receive the text message. It ensures the hiring process maintains momentum, reducing the risk of applicants losing interest or getting taken by other employers.

Additionally, Vette’s solution disrupts the conventional waiting period by providing feedback in real-time. Within just ten minutes of an interview, candidates receive detailed feedback and the next steps. The significance of this feature lies in its capacity to streamline the candidate’s experience. Swift feedback improves the candidate experience and the employer brand and allows organizations to capture talent within minutes seamlessly.

Integrating human connection with ATS

The heart of Vette’s success lies in its ability to create an “instant human connection.” Unlike automated screening processes, Vette’s professionals (gig workers) engage with applicants personally, asking questions and discussions and experiences. Such a level of human touch allows for a more genuine conversation that helps better understand the candidate’s personality and potential.

Moreover, Vette works in collaboration with companies to seamlessly integrate the interview data back into their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This integration ensures that the valuable information collected during the moment of intent is used effectively to move the most promising candidates along the hiring process. It’s also needed for the GDPR in Europe.

In addition to using ATS, all interviews conducted on the platform are recorded and transcribed, allowing for a detailed review of each interaction. Applicants receive a text message post-interview, prompting them to rate their experience. This feedback loop ensures a continuous improvement process for Vette, enhancing the quality of its services

Understanding Vetter Behaviour

Vette has made considerable efforts to understand its vetters’ behaviour. The software provides enough coverage during high-volume times by analyzing when Vetters (the gig workers) are online and available. This method not only ensures a simple experience for applicants, but it also ensures Vette has a stable workforce.

While Vette’s gig workers are not formally trained, the platform offers best practices to ensure a uniform and high-quality interview experience. Existing vetters would vet new vets to ensure a high level of quality.

This article was inspired by an interview with Amber Wanner in a Chad & Cheese Podcast

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