ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus vs. ChatGPT Teams: Still worth the investment?

The introduction of the GPT-4o model by OpenAI has changed the playing field, making the choice between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT more complicated. Here, I’ll unravel the choices to help you decide which option best suits your needs.

Bryan Peereboom on June 21, 2024 Average reading time: 2 min
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ChatGPT vs. ChatGPT Plus vs. ChatGPT Teams: Still worth the investment?

The new dynamics between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus

Previously, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month was a clear choice when this was the only way to access GPT-4. With the announcement of GPT-4o, which brings premium features to all users, you might wonder: is a subscription still worth the money?

In May 2024, OpenAI introduced GPT-4o, making advanced AI features accessible to everyone at no cost. Free users now enjoy previously exclusive benefits such as the GPT Store for customized bots, a memory function for conversations, and the ability to upload images and documents for discussion. But why would you still choose Plus?

When is ChatGPT Plus the Right Choice?

  1. More frequent access needed: While free users have access to GPT-4o, they are limited in the number of messages they can send. As a frequent user, with ChatGPT Plus you can send up to 80 messages every three hours, compared to about 15-16 for free users.
  2. Continuity in Quality: Free users are switched back to GPT-3.5 once their limit is reached. With Plus, you continue to have access to GPT-4, even if you exceed your GPT-4o limit.
  3. Reliable Image Generation: Although technically possible for all users, Plus offers more advanced and reliable image generation capabilities.
  4. Faster and Exclusive Access: Plus users also get early access to new features, such as the ChatGPT desktop app for macOS.
  5. Advanced Data Analysis: Want to create interactive charts and tables? These advanced features are exclusive to Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.

When does the free version of ChatGPT suffice?

  1. No Monthly Fees: If you are not willing to pay, the free version now offers many of the previously exclusive Plus features.
  2. Occasional Use: If you use ChatGPT only occasionally and do not exceed the limits of GPT-4o, the free version is more than sufficient.

When is ChatGPT Teams the Right Choice?

For businesses and collaborative environments, OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Teams. This option is tailored for professional use, offering a suite of features designed to enhance productivity and team collaboration.

Benefits of ChatGPT Teams

  1. Collaborative Environment: Teams allows multiple users to collaborate on projects, sharing insights and generating content collectively. This also allows users in the same Teams environment to have access to a GPT that can’t be used outside of this environment.
  2. Enhanced Security and Compliance: With enterprise-level security measures, Teams ensures that your data is protected and complies with industry standards. An important benefit for a department like Talent Acquisition when managing confidential data.
  3. Customizable Roles and Permissions: Manage team members with customizable roles and permissions, ensuring that everyone has the appropriate level of access.
  4. Higher Usage Limits: Teams plans come with significantly higher usage limits, accommodating the needs of large teams and frequent users.

Choosing between ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, and ChatGPT Teams depends on your usage needs and budget. For occasional users, the free version with GPT-4o might be sufficient. However, frequent users and professionals may find the advanced features and higher usage limits of Plus or Teams more beneficial.


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