5 tips to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce 

How do you ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce? A new whitepaper from Undutchables provides the answer. And onboarding and work/life balance appear to be central. 

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5 tips to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce 

A diverse and inclusive workforce has been a source of considerable interest for some time now, especially now that it has been shown to lead to higher performance.  

Numerous principles can help achieve this diversity, but what should you take into account as a recruiter? A new whitepaper from Undutchables provides 5 useful tips. Here’s a preview: 



Tip 1. A diverse panel 

Take a close look at your overall plan. Check how diverse your team is presently. Set clear targets for diversity. Review your job postings—are they welcoming to everyone? Watch out for unintentional biases in the language. Additionally, consider who’s leading job interviews. And think how having a more varied group doing this affects the process? 

Tip 2: Train your hiring managers 

Educate all job applicants about the advantages of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Highlight diversity as a key focus. Equip managers with insights into various talent sources. Address the challenging task of raising awareness about personal biases and prejudices. 

Tip 3: Don’t forget about onboarding 

For a diverse and inclusive workforce, onboarding is crucial. Share the mission and goals, but also use different perspectives, and preferably various trainers and mentors. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from colleagues who have already completed the onboarding process. An employee’s first days always prove to be decisive in not only getting a diverse organization, but also keeping it. 

Tip 4: Work/life balance 


Marjan Stoit, Commercial Manager Undutchables

Diversity means having people from different backgrounds working together and making sure they can balance their job and personal life. Undutchables looks at
Sweden for good ideas about this. Sweden is known for letting people have flexible work hours and time off if their child is sick. Childcare is also easy to afford there, which is not so common in the Netherlands. Parents get a long maternity leave of 480 days. Sweden is even trying out shorter workdays of 6 hours. All these things help make the workplace more diverse because they make it easier for different kinds of people to work there. 

Tip 5: Think of the individual 

Using AI, algorithms, and robots like Mona and Scotty for interviews can help bring more diversity to your organization. But It’s also good to use a recruitment process that cares more about what people can do rather than just their resumes. The white paper suggests that it is very important to not forget about each person. When you’re trying to have a diverse and welcoming team, make sure to pay attention to what every person brings to the table. This means understanding and valuing everyone’s unique skills and experiences. 

Knowing more? 

Read the entire whitepaper on a diverse and inclusive workforce here 

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