The top 10 job boards in France

The list of the top 10 most commonly used job boards in France shows which job boards employers and intermediaries use in their search for personnel. According to the analysis of Jobfeed data, carried out by Intelligence Group, Meteojob was the most frequently used job board in France in the past year.

Jasper Spanjaart on August 19, 2020 Average reading time: 3 min
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The top 10 job boards in France

Top 10 job boards most used by employers and intermediaries in France

Whereas Pôle Emploi was at the top last year, this year the majority of French employers and intermediaries are looking for future employees via Meteojob. However, Pôle Emploi is still in second place. Compared to last year, CarriereOnline has become a lot more popular among employers and intermediaries and has risen from the eleventh to the third place. This year there is also a newcomer among the top 10: 1001intérims has been able to obtain the 9th place.

An important side note is that LinkedIn and Indeed are not included in the current analysis, as for these job boards the number of vacancies cannot be calculated.

Ranking Last year (2018-2019) Job board Number of vacancies
1. (2) meteojob.com 2.158.784
2. (1) pole-emploi.fr 2.069.428
3. (11) carriereonline.com 1.372.990
4. (6) jobintree.com 1.321.608
5. (4) glassdoor.fr 1.213.193
6. (3) paruvendu.fr 1.130.038
7. (8) keljob.com 1.069.445
8. (9) apec.fr 946.057
9.  – 1001interims.com 792.358
10. (7) ouestfrance-emploi.com 750.130

Source: Jobfeed by Textkernel (01-06-2019 to 31-05-2020)

When we disregard vacancies of intermediaries from the data analysis and and only look at the most frequently used job boards by employers, we see that Pôle Emploi is number one. Meteojob ranks fifth in this top 10. This shows that Meteojob is mainly used for placing vacancies by intermediaries. Keljob and 1001interíms are also used more by intermediaries than by employers. These two job boards are therefore not to be found in the top 10 most frequently used job boards by employers.

Ranking Last year  (2018-2019) Job board Number of vacancies
1. (1) pole-emploi.fr 1.525.694
2. (8) carriereonline.com 959.443
3. (3) glassdoor.fr 883.923
4. (2) paruvendu.fr 788.590
5. (9) meteojob.com 664.846
6. (11) jobintree.com 626.953
7. (6) apec.fr 533.255
8. (5) ouestfrance-emploi.com 401.758
9. (4) inzejob.com 273.818
10.  – netjobs.fr 203.535

Source: Jobfeed by Textkernel (01-06-2019 to 31-05-2020)

Differences between education levels 

When a distinction is made between levels of education, there are clear differences between the top 10 job boards. Whereas Meteojob is at the top for vacancies aimed at low and intermediate educated people, for vacancies aimed at highly educated people Meteojob is in third place. Apec is at the top for highly educated people. However, this job board does not appear in the top 10 for vacancies aimed at low and intermediate educated people. Glassdoor, Handicap-job, L’Agefiph, Cadreo, and Cadremploi also feature in the top 10 job boards for vacancies aimed at highly educated people. This shows that the level of education requested has a major influence on which job boards are used to post the vacancy.

Ranking Job board (educational level: low and intermediate) Ranking Job board (educational level: high)
1. meteojob.com 1. apec.fr
2. pole-emploi.fr 2. jobintree.com
3. 1001interims.com 3. meteojob.com
4. carriereonline.com 4. glassdoor.fr
5. keljob.com 5. handicap-job.com
6. paruvendu.fr 6. keljob.com
7. jobintree.com 7. pole-emploi.fr
8. netjobs.fr 8. agefiph.fr
9. inzejob.com 9. cadreo.com
10. glassdoor.fr 10. cadremploi.fr

Source: Textkernel’s Jobfeed (01-06-2019 t/m 31-05-2020)

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