How to Build a Company Culture That Everyone Feels Connected To

Join our Expert Talk series: How to Build a Company Culture That Everyone Feels Connected To

Presented by Ligia Koijen Ramos – Speaker, Coach, and Owner of In2motivation, & our own expert Emmanuèle van Houdenhoven-Collard – Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables.

Undutchables offers a 3 workshop Expert Talk Series focused on building your organisational culture:

Part 1: Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success – March 10th

Part 2: Influencing Culture(s) – June 30th

Part 3: The Secret to an Organizational Culture That Everyone Loves – November 17th

Part 1: Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success – March 10th
Dimensions of Culture and the Perfect Combination for Success is a workshop focused on recognizing what makes a culture unique, and learning how to integrate the dimensions of culture that will promote the best results for the organisation. You can expect a practical approach with a focus on making work a great place for all.

During the 1st workshop our speaker, Ligia Koijen Ramos, will guide you through the world of culture and its dimensions.

The aim – help you profile your organization as a talent destination and retention hub.

One hour of inspiration and practical tips, guaranteed.

Part 2: Influencing Culture(s) – June 30th
Communication is key. The ability to influence and inspire is the future of work. During this workshop the focus will be to give you the master skills and tools you will need to influence around the globe, get the best out of people, and help people feel that they belong. Registration will be available after March 10th.

Part 3: The Secret to an Organisational Culture That Everyone Loves – November 17th
Belonging, participation. and talent are the biggest words for 2023. Are you asking yourself: How do I develop an organisational culture that people want to belong to, and how can I build a culture that provides daily support to the vision and results of the organisation? Then this is the workshop that you want to attend! Registration will be available after June 30th.

Is this topic relevant to your company? Join us on March 10th, and the subsequent dates, to learn more from our experts and profit from the insights of other participants.

UNLEASH World 2022

UNLEASH World celebrates its 10th Anniversary at the Paris Convention Centre this October.

The most influential HR Conference and Exhibition in the World will showcase the next wave of breakthrough technologies and global innovators changing the future of work.

UNLEASH has championed HR excellence and disruption since 2011, and has become the industry standard driving progress in human resources, learning and recruitment.

Job Boards Connect

About this event

Job Boards Connect is bought to you by Assured Connect Ltd. Co-founders Louise Grant and Louise Triance have been connecting businesses and individuals in the online recruitment space for over 20 years.

Our mission is to get to the Job Board community together and connect them to those businesses that compliment their mission.

Who should attend:

  • Job Boards
  • Job Search Engines / Job Search Platforms
  • Applicant Tracking Systems

Werf& Live 2022

What makes one company hugely successful in a tight labour market, while others are struggling to stay afloat? Any ambitions go hand in hand with successful recruitment and retention of talent. Those are the common denominators for success in 2022, and the years to go.

During the 7th annual edition of Werf& Live, we won’t delve into thorough analyses on the scarcity that exists. Instead, we’ll delve into inspiring solutions within the field of recruitment, employer branding and employee retention. In other words: F*ck the scarcity. [Note: event is held in Dutch]

E-recruitment Congress 2022

E-recruitment Congress 2022 is a top notch international congress, completely focused on e-recruitment in a post-covid world. Will we live happily ever after? Maybe. But we definitely will live digitally. During this congress we’ll offer insights in creative use of technology to step up your virtual game: virtual meetings, video recruitment, virtual employer branding, … Those topics will be covered during the keynotes to create awareness of the possibilities and necessities. And during the afternoon master classes, participants will get in depth demo’s on the subject.

And of course, we’ll cover all the other important sourcing topics to ensure our sourcing audience is ready for a digital era: SEO, programmatics, using jobboards, scraping databases, analytics, social media recruitment, apps, applicant tracking systems, …

Total Talent Summit 2022

ZIPconomy, NextConomy, Werf& and have joined forces to organise the very first Dutch-Belgian Total Talent Summit. The summit is aimed at the managers and leaders on the finance, HR, purchase and recruitment side whose role is to share and reflect on the developments on the market, while at the same  time actively entering into dialogue about the solutions and the obstacles to be overcome.

On 21 April, portfolio managers for the permanent and flexible workforce from the profit and non-profit sector will come together in dialogue with the key players and consultants from the market. The summit will be headed by Suyin Aerts, and will be attended by a group of renowned speakers from the Netherlands and abroad.

BHI – The blueprint for the future of better hiring

The BHI launched between UK GOV & industry to modernise hiring has developed the UK’s first blueprint for future hiring. The BHI, social enterprise joint government & industry task force, have developed the UK’s first future strategy for improving hiring across all sectors. Learn about exciting projects & research including human vs robot in our future of work and digitisation of background checks.
The online event starts at 13:00 GMT (14:00 CET).

DisruptHR Cardiff

Unlike any other event you’ll find in Wales! Disrupt HR is a movement with events across the globe from New York to Sydney , London and now Cardiff that will change the way you approach people and culture for good.

Once in a while an event series is born that shakes things up, it makes you think differently, it leaves you inspired. That event is DisruptHR. People and workplaces are constantly evolving, so the ideas and methodologies we use to engage, inform, and empower them should adapt and change too.

Fake employees: What to look out for & how to spot them

Are you interested in hearing about how forging documents to get a job is on the increase, trends in ID document fraud, and the various ways job seekers are creating fake documents for recruitment? If the answer is yes, this Reed Screening webinar is for you.

Fake identity documents in recruitment impact employers more now than ever. The impact of COVID on the labour market has exposed organisations to an increase in document fraud, resulting in heightened risk to business.

Recruitment Leaders Network: ‘Impeccable Leadership’

This is one of four closed-door meetings of the Recruitment Leaders Network (RLN) in the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, starring Marco Leijenhorst of VodafoneZiggo and Hanneke Sweep of Lumina Learning.

The Recruitment Leaders Network (RLN) is an exclusive invite only network consisting of senior leaders active in the area of Talent Acquisition and/or Employer Branding. To learn more about the network, contact Valérie van der Ven directly via +31 6 21 96 97 99 or

Demo_Day Belgium

On Thursday 30 September, the second edition of Demo_Day Belgium will take place. Through demos, breakout sessions and pitch interviews recruiters can orientate on tooling for recruitment, employee engagement and employer branding. 12 different suppliers from Belgium and abroad will show their solutions.

The event will be held in Dutch. Register no later than 15 September and receive the Recruitment Tech Envelope with the event magazine and some extra’s.

Sign up for free.

Webinar: The future of RPO in Europe

This webinar will elaborate on the current trends and developments in the European RPO space. During the event, the highlights of the RPO paper will be discussed and guest speakers and experts in this area Belinda Johnson, Kevin Wheeler and Geert-Jan Waasdorp will share their knowledge with us.