Brainfood Marathon


Brainfood Marathon is a global 24-hour live streaming virtual conference where people from inside the recruitment community will explore ‘Recruitment in the age of Covid-19’. Taking place 14 – 15 April, 2020.

Here’s what has happened in just these past 12 weeks:

– A wholesale shift to remote work
– Entire industries going bankrupt
– Hiring freezes / Budget cuts / Layoffs in many others
– Repurposing / refocusing of entire industries to support the pandemic containment
– Hiring spike for essential workers – HCW, grocery clerks, warehouse people.

What does all this mean for our industry? Can we do anything to help? And what should recruiters & HR folk do to prepare for what comes after?

That’s what Brainfood Marathon is all about – getting to grips with all this.

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