Recruit via your own employees: 3 successful steps

Looking for new talent for your business? Not easy. Advertisements are getting more expensive, algorithms are unpredictable, and LinkedIn is one big look-at-me show.
This is precisely why it is important to involve your employees in your recruitment strategy. One way to do this is to start an employee advocacy programme. Already 87% of top employers worldwide involve their employees in attracting talent. Are you joining them?

In this blog you will discover what employee advocacy is, and we will share 3 tips for a kick-start of your employee advocacy programme.

shaista on December 01, 2022 Average reading time: 2 min
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Recruit via your own employees: 3 successful steps

Employee advocacy: the key to successful recruiting

90% of people trust an organisation more when it is recommended by friends or family. Because, honestly, wouldn’t you rather believe the words of a good friend than those of a company? That is precisely what employee advocacy is all about: getting your employees to talk about your organisation.

“The opinions of people in your professional and social network are still more influential than most marketing tools.”
– Patrick de Pauw, CEO Social Seeder

This form of labour market communication remains the most effective. But, like Rome, you don’t build employee advocacy – or employee engagement – overnight. Engaging employees is an ongoing process. We share 3 tips to successfully launch your employee advocacy programme.


3 tips for a successful employee advocacy programme

1. Make it fun & easy for your employees

To make your employees ambassadors, it is important to emphasise the added benefits for them. For example, they can look with pride at the number of likes and shares they receive, when they share company posts on social media.

Furthermore, it is important to remove all possible barriers from your employee. Therefore, make it easy for them to share social media posts about your company. Thanks to the Social Seeder platform, this can be done in just one click.

Finally, it is important that your employees feel appreciated. Treat your ambassadors to an exclusive breakfast, or involve them in your organisation’s content.

2. Share authentic content

Keep your communication authentic and not just commercial. Your employees don’t like only sharing job vacancies. Besides, distributing a vacancy has true impact if you communicate the company’s values and standards beforehand.

So, avoid just talking about yourself on your website or social media. But, also post a fun company activity or feature an employee. Moreover, they can add personal comments to the company message via the Social Seeder platform – that gives authenticity quite a boost.

3. Analyse to optimize

Measuring is knowing – which is why it is important to evaluate your programme after a few months. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a data geek to do this. At Social Seeder, we are happy to help you analyse the results.

Delve into the analytics and find out what content employees prefer to share, and what the optimal days are for sharing posts. That way, you can do more of what works, and keep your employees proud brand ambassadors.

Make it fun, authentic and measurable

In a nutshell, your employees are top recruiters! By launching an employee advocacy programme, you turn your employees into proud ambassadors – and they will be happy to share company content on their social media. As a result, you will generate greater reach and trust among potential applicants and customers.

Engaging your employees is a continuous process in which there should be space for fun, authentic communication and analyses for optimisation.

Curious about how this works in practice? Discover the Social Seeder platform in 2 minutes.

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