Randstad Partners with Student Platform Minite.works

Staffing agency Randstad is attempting to reach more students and Gen Z’ers through a new collaboration with the platform Minite.works, which claims to recruit anonymously and based on data.

Joseph Lefebvre on April 23, 2024 Average reading time: 2 min
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Randstad Partners with Student Platform Minite.works

The collaboration with Randstad marks an important point in the further growth of Minite. The start-up, originally begun as a freelance platform for students, understood the need among young people to be connected with relevant companies during their studies. The company has therefore been part of the Rotterdam startup ecosystem for years and has been able to connect the needs of young people with the demand for talent among startups due to this position. The partnership with a company like Randstad emphasizes that their innovative business concept also offers added value to established parties, according to co-founder Micky Chen.

‘Thanks to hiring practices like anonymous, data-based hiring, we can attract talent among the younger generations.’

‘Thanks to our connections with universities and our unique hiring practices, such as anonymous, data-based hiring, which offers every applicant an equal chance, we can attract talent among the younger generations now entering the labor market. We recently won the 010 Inclusive Award for this, awarded by the Social Economic Council (SER) and the Municipality of Rotterdam.’

Swing towards success

‘In the vibrant Rotterdam ecosystem, marked by connecting events such as the Upstream Festival, we can make the necessary connections with startups and connect young people with innovative companies,’ says Chen. ‘This has given our company an indispensable swing towards success. With the partnership with Randstad, we are now beginning a new era in which we can offer our services to an even wider selection of companies.’

‘With the Minite platform, we can be even more effective in connecting students with suitable opportunities.’

Mara de Vries, Campus Recruiter at Randstad: ‘We believe that everyone brings unique talent. We want to become the employer where everyone wants to work, regardless of where you come from, who you love, how old you are, or what you believe in. We want to grow together towards a more diverse organization. And that, of course, begins with the recruitment of our new colleagues. Therefore, we see the collaboration with Minite as a valuable opportunity. With the innovative platform of Minite and their inclusive selection methods, we can be even more effective in connecting students with suitable opportunities.’

16,000 students

To find new connections with potentially valuable partners, both Randstad and Minite will be present at the Upstream Festival 2024. The partnership, which is set for a year, will increase Randstad’s visibility among the pool of over 16,000 university and college students in Minite’s database through multiple initiatives. A large part of this pool consists of Gen Z’ers, a target group that Randstad aims to reach effectively and can specifically address through Minite.”



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