Pitch Up's first 6 recruitment start-ups announced: 'We are looking for possible diamonds in the rough'

How do you know whether new recruitment tech start-ups will positively impact the TA and recruitment landscape? A new series called Pitch Up aims to answer that question, where these 6 recruitment tech start-ups will pitch their business ideas.

Jasper Spanjaart on January 07, 2022 Average reading time: 3 min
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Pitch Up's first 6 recruitment start-ups announced: 'We are looking for possible diamonds in the rough'

Every fortnight, starting January 12, 2022, UKRecruiter’s Louise Triance and podcasting veteran Chad Sowash will broadcast a live show wherein they’ll grill recruitment tech providers. The show, called Pitch Up, will give recruitment tech suppliers a unique opportunity to convince both the experts, as well as a live audience, of their respective business ideas.

“Louise and I are looking to help amplify startups we believe are interesting – possible diamonds in the rough.

“The recruitment tech industry is crowded, loud, and very overwhelming”, Sowash told ToTalent. “Louise and I are looking to help amplify startups we believe are interesting – possible diamonds in the rough. Pitch Up will provide a megaphone, of sorts, giving chosen startups an opportunity to pitch their business, model, GTM, and everything we can fit into 30 minutes.”

The first six start-ups

While the application process was grilling in itself, the pair has chosen six ideas to star in the first six episodes. “They will be persuading us, and you, that they really do have innovate tech, new to market ideas and a product that will positively impact the TA and recruitment landscape”, Triance commented.

Without further ado, meet the first six companies that will face the Pitch Up jury.


UK-based OCTA helps enterprises, stores and recruiters by offering the ability to automated phone calls, texts and other forms of media. It is a cloud-based, omni-channel messaging platform that ables organisations to contact and communicate with customers in an easier, more engaging way.


2. Wotter

Wotter is a platform that allows companies to track their employee engagement initiatives based on a variety of components. The UK-based company offers a variety of different features within its service. That includes automatic questions that test baseline employee engagement, a prebuilt library of questions and instant, and anonymous feedback from employees.

3. ComparIA

44% of professionals are unaware of the possible benefits of AI for their business, say France-based ComparIA. The company offers a free-of-charge online AI tool that companies can use to compare artificial intelligence solutions. It aims to offer ‘complete transparency and independence’ in the guidance of artificial intelligence. Moreover, it refers certified consultants

4. Job Description AI

In lieu of a talent shortage and Google’s new algorithm, London-based Job Description AI helps companies optimise job descriptions in ‘a few clicks’ and distribute them to job seekers. The service allows the ability to create unique and personalised job descriptions and job ads. Without using templates, any type of copy/pasting or prior writing experience.

5. The Scoop

Warwick-based The Scoop is sales enablement and candidate attraction tool built specifically for recruiters. For both recruiters and employers, they offer a fully customisable space to package podcasts, bios, candidates, adverts, social proof and testimonials. All to achieve higher response rates from candidates and clients — as well as help recruiters build a presence within the market.

6. Kinverse

Kinverse is a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) platform that helps organisations measure, monitor and improve D&I across the board. In a nutshell: it aims to make diversity data accessible. The Kinverse product suite also includes the ability to generate a shortlist of candidates, based entirely on strengths. Moreover, it helps to connect TA to employee developmental programs in an attempt to enhance retention.

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