Real Links

Real Links is the UK’s leading employee referral and internal mobility technology platform.

We exist simply to support Talent Acquisition, HR and Recruitment professionals to modernise and automate employee referrals and internal mobility by making the process fun, habit forming (so employee participation grows and grows) and above all so easy to use even technophobes won’t be phased.

We make this happen by working in partnership with our clients to continually evolve the Real Links platform and ensure it meets the constantly developing needs of clients and their workforce from enterprise to start-ups.

Making referrals work is the problem Real Links platform solves:

1. Employees connect their social networks to the platform, our unique matching technology links relevant candidates in their network with your company’s open roles.

2. We don’t champion ‘refer a friend’ we champion ‘social introductions’ to widen the talent pool and positively impact DEI.

3. We spend time listening to what motivates your workforce and we build a rewards strategy that works.

4. The platform is gamified, creating habitual behaviour driven by social cues and peer to peer competition.

5. Sharing company content at the click of button, building an army of brand advocates.

6. Easily accessible data and analytics.

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