Seize opportunities with OTYS Recruiting Technology. A SAAS platform which enables you to manage your entire business from one place. With the right features you can work more efficiently, attract more candidates and make better matches.

OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. The modular construction and endless implementation possibilities make it attractive for a various of different target groups like recruitment and selection firms as well as employment agencies and corporate recruiters. Because of their powerful API, OTYS is integrable with endless other solutions: different recruitment marketing tools, back- and front-office software, making it even bigger and better for the many.

OTYS has over 900 costumers in 30 different countries. Operating from three different offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Czechia. At the moment they have 1750 different recruitment websites live. OTYS has 15 years of experience in recruitment software, leading in technology and growing by the day.

Seize opportunities, together! With OTYS Recruiting Technology. For more information about OTYS, visit their website: www.otys.com.

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