RecruitAgent is an Recruitment Accelerator BV initiative.
A collaboration of three companies with extensive international recruitment, data and AI experience. The founding companies are Intelligence Group, PeerSearch and Recruitment Solutions.


Next Level Recruitment with Timetohire
At Timetohire, we believe that the success of an organization is determined by the quality of the people who work there. Therefore, knowing how to attract the right talent is essential to achieve business goals.

Every day we challenge more than 40 companies on their recruitment strategy. We translate business strategy into recruitment strategy using our Recruitment Success Framework, and set up a recruitment process that takes into account short-term urgency and long-term attraction.

Within the Netherlands, Timetohire is the largest independent provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing with over 80 recruitment specialists. With RPO we bring the best specialists on board for challenges in the field of:

  • Employer Branding
  • Job Marketing
  • Sourcing
  • Corporate Recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Scale-up Recruitment
  • Data-driven Recruitment

Our Recruitment Professionals are besides RPO also deployed for various recruitment issues on an interim basis. Furthermore our Rec2Rec service is market leader in finding the best recruiters on the Dutch market.

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Do you want to take Recruitment to the next level? For all your questions contact us at: or call us directly at 085 105 4111.


We offer a full-service solution for highly skilled migrants from around the world enabling them to work for companies in the Netherlands. This includes immigration, relocation, hiring, staffing and salary administration. The process is efficient, cost-effective and adheres to the highest quality standards. Making the perfect match, that’s what we do best.

Intelligence Group

Intelligence Group is an international Data & Tech company in the field of labour market and recruitment data. We focus on collecting, storing and enriching labour market-related data for the purpose of improving the recruitment of employees (or staff) by employers and increasing international mobility. This data is made available to our clients via reports, innovative dashboards and APIs.