DJAx Awards 2024: Recognizing excellence in digital job advertising

The Digital Job Advertising Excellence Awards (DJAx) are currently open for nominations, providing organizations and teams with an opportunity to showcase their achievements in the dynamic field of job advertising.

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DJAx Awards 2024: Recognizing excellence in digital job advertising

Key Highlights:

  1. Recognition of excellence: Nominate your organization to highlight outstanding contributions in the evolving job advertising sector. Shortlisted entries gain visibility through promotion and receive a badge for their websites.
  2. Professional networking: The awards ceremony serves as a platform for participants to connect with influential leaders and professionals in the industry, fostering valuable relationships.
  3. Enhanced visibility for Winners: Successful candidates receive a trophy, a digital winners badge for their website, and strategic promotion, enhancing their brand’s prominence in the competitive job advertising landscape.
  4. Post-Event coverage: Winners will participate in live interviews post-event, providing an opportunity to discuss their winning entry and achievements.

Expert Judges:

A team of experienced professionals, including Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Leah Daniels, Kork Desai, and Janine Bos, will carefully review all nominations to make sure everyone has a fair chance.

Nominating Process:

  1. Visit the official DJAx Awards website.
  2. Select up to three relevant categories.
  • Best Creative Activity to fill a Job Posting
  • Best Use of Technology
  • Best Social Media Presence to fill a Job Posting
  • Best Customer Success Team
  • Best Social/Positive Impact Initiative
  • Outstanding Candidate Experience
  • Best Supplier to the Job Boards Industry Excellence in a Niche Market
  1. Complete the user-friendly nomination form(s).
  2. Nomination is free of charge.

 Important Dates

  • Deadline for Nominations: January 26, 2024
  • Shortlist Announcement: March 2024
  • Awards Evening: May 16, 2024 (London); tickets available on the official website.

For inquiries, please contact Louise Triance via email.

Participate in the DJAx Awards 2024 to align your organization with excellence in digital job advertising.

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