Careerjet bolts to number one in new ranking of German job boards

You could have the best job opening ever™, but if candidates can’t find you, there’s really no point. Knowing where and when to place your job ad, will lead to a far greater number of applicants. In Germany, Careerjet has shown rapid growth, new analysis from Intelligence Group show. 

Jasper Spanjaart on June 29, 2020 Average reading time: 3 min
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Careerjet bolts to number one in new ranking of German job boards

With a grand total of 10,620,526, Careerjet has a staggering amount of vacancies listed on its job board. Within just one year, it has bolted all the way from ninth place to first in Intelligence Group’s comparative rankings of German job boards. It is a remarkable rise for the job search engine which was launched at the beginning of this century. With over 90 localised websites, in 28 major languages, Careerjet is its worldwide brand, while Opcionempleo is the Spanish version, and Optioncarriere the French one. 

Source: Intelligence Group

Double the size

By analysing the data in Textkernel’s Jobfeed, the Rotterdam-based data outfit is able to pin-point the most popular job boards among both employers and employees. With its data, Intelligence Group has divided the numbers into a few categories. Beyond the total number of vacancies, it also looks at the number of vacancies sans intermediary job ads. When excluding those from the total number, Careerjet still sits top off the table, albeit with a smaller lead. 

Last year, Careerjet came in 10th in this category, now it is firmly placed at #1.

Whereas it was responsible for double the size in the total number (10.6 million compared to Regiobizz’s 4.2), its lead goes down to 700.000 in the non-intermediary standings. Last year’s leader Stepstone, is second in this category, with roughly 3 million vacancies. Though again, its rise compared to 2018’s statistics, is remarkable. Last year, Careerjet came in 10th in this category, now it is firmly placed at #1. 

What about the job seekers?

Though Careerjet’s success is largely undeniable in terms of its usage among employers and intermediaries, it has not seen similar success among job seekers. Toward the end of 2019, Intelligence Group published a list of the most popular job boards, used by active job seekers. In that top 10, Careerjet is nowhere to be found. Indeed leads the way, with Stepstone, and Monster completing the top three. Though those statistics don’t belong to the same period in time, Intelligence Group says it will accumulate and publish a new top 10 at the beginning of Q4 in 2020. 

Though Careerjet’s success is largely undeniable, it has not seen similar success among job seekers

And the highly-educated?

The rankings are also made with an educational attainment level. In ‘low and intermediate’ jobs, Careerjet is still first in line. Meanwhile, for jobs with a ‘high’ level, Stepstone leads the way, with Careerjet coming in second. With its target audience seemingly being two-fold, in both categories, it’s clear that Careerjet has bolted up the rankings. Whether the same holds true for the usage on the applicant’s side, remains to be seen.

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