UNLEASH World suspended in long string of cancelled events

One of the largest work-related events of the year, UNLEASH World, was cancelled last week. Due to take place at the Paris Convention Centre late October, with at least 5,000+ expected attendees, the organisers have decided to postpone the event until at least 2021. This makes it an unfortunate three in a row for UNLEASH, after the earlier suspensions of the Spring and America events. 

Jasper Spanjaart on August 06, 2020 Average reading time: 3 min
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UNLEASH World suspended in long string of cancelled events

Speaking on the suspension, UNLEASH CEO Marc Coleman said “Paris is currently prohibiting events for 5,000 plus people until at least September. We are therefore unable to work with our partners to organise the event to the scale, performance and standard that we aspire to. Our priority, as always is everyone’s safety. So, as soon as we can get back to a world of safe live events, we will look forward to welcoming everyone back to London, Las Vegas and Paris.”

A long list…

Unleash World is the latest in a long list of work and hiring events that were cancelled in 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Jobg8 summit in San Diego, was scratched in April. RecBuzz moved to a virtual event. Some have pivoted towards an online event, but UNLEASH has opted for yet another cancellation. 

It is the third consecutive UNLEASH event that has been cancelled in 2020.

It is the third consecutive UNLEASH event that has been cancelled in 2020. UNLEASH Spring was planned to take place late March, but cancelled due to a Force Majeure situation; the pandemic was just making it’s first way in Europe and the United Kingdom. UNLEASH America, which would have taken place May 12 – 13 in the illustrious MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was also cancelled. 

‘Wellbeing is the priority’

“It’s also clear from our conversations with customers worldwide over the past 4 months that most have strict travel bans for the whole of 2020 as employee health, safety, and wellbeing is, rightfully, THE global priority for HR”, Coleman added. “This means the breadth of in-person networking and information sharing at the heart of an UNLEASH event can’t happen at the moment. We’re speaking to everyone affected directly.”

“Our community is still looking to explore the next normal, the HR interventions still needed in this time of uncertainty and the next wave of workplace technology and productivity tools that are hitting the global marketplace”, the company added in their statement. “Our amazing team are busy behind the scenes producing new products and services in our inimitable style for this Autumn.”

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