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About the event

Hosted by the renowned Hung Lee, ToTalent Live 2021 was an online three-day event held about three strategic recruitment topics. On 3 days, we presented an audience of worldwide talent leaders with some of the best insights on diversity recruitment, quality-of-hire and recruitment leadership.

Vessy Tasheva: The science behind why we stay or leave a job

Tasheva looks into the forces behind the decision to change jobs and how they are different for women. She also examines the 3 new factors in 2021 that are changing everything.

Watch her session here

Danny Stacy: Challenging First Impressions

All of us have an unconscious bias when it comes to evaluating talent. Indeed’s evangelist Danny Stacy, who has a particular passion within Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, will reveal why this is and how it is impacting our recruiting efforts. He will also provide some practical suggestions on how by recognising that we have this unconscious bias we can modify our recruitment practices to better engage with the very best talent for our organisations

Watch his session here

Alicia Roy & Sarah Spence: Recruit with Diversity

In uncertain times, change is the only constant. And no team helps a business evolve more than the Talent Acquisition (TA)team does. In this talk, you will hear from Cornerstone experts Alicia Roy and Sarah Spence about how to embrace DEIB, create a transparent hiring strategy, and give an excellent candidate experience that makes real change.

Watch their session here

Bas van de Haterd: A tale of two futures of work

2020 had two major events that will impact the future of work for decades to come. The Pandemic and the Black Lives Matters movement. Remote work will be more and more common and this will have a massive impact on recruitment. The call for fair recruitment practices will only grow stronger. But the great thing is that fair hiring also means better hiring, as you look more to actual talent and fit. In this keynote, you will learn why improving your quality of hire automatically improves your diversity.

Watch his session here

Tony de Graaf: Hiring success

Stop using time-to-hire and cost-per-hire as your go-to metrics to prove your performance and contribution to the organisational goals. Quality of hire hasn’t been standardised and the way it is being measured has, in a lot of cases, little correlation to the quality of work the Talent Acquisition department delivers. The Hiring Success Metrics solve for this.

Watch his session here

Julie Sowash: When companies do the unexpected

With every automation put in place and every resume reviewed, talent leaders and recruiters have the power to create, or take away, opportunities careers and stability. In her presentation, Julie Sowash will delve into what it takes to build a successful and inclusive culture.

Watch her session here

Geert-Jan Waasdorp: Data-Driven Recruitment Leadership

Every time a TA leader, RPO or TTM organisation is talking about data scientist, A.I. and big data, I know they are full of ….. marketing, PR and bluff. Data driven recruitment is overrated and hyped. It’s not about data and it will never be about data in recruitment. It’s about people, hires, quality, speed and fun. Data driven recruitment leadership is therefore not about data or analytics, it’s about asking the right question and setting the right ambitions.

Watch his session here

Ginger Maseda: Time to interact

Throughout Ginger Maseda’s career, she has been driving performance, engagement, and experience for her remotely based teams, which has been a more critical component of delivery during these times. In her past, the head of Global TA for Bullhorn has also held Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leadership responsibilities as well as People Analytics – which is exactly what she’ll talk about in her keynote. 

Watch her session here

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