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Who is Tony de Graaf?

A talent leader on a mission to build great places to work. Currently working as Hiring Success Director EMEA at Smartrecruiters consulting with TA teams around the world, helping them on their journey to solve recruitment for their organisation. Or as we call it; Helping them achieve Hiring Success. As background, I always worked in recruitment and headed up different TA teams in Europe within Fashion, E-commerce, and retail.

What will Tony talk about at ToTalent Live?

"Hiring success metric"

Stop using time-to-hire and cost-per-hire as your go-to metrics to prove your performance and contribution to the organizational goals. As they don't say anything about this. What they do, is set you up for a race to the bottom as improving these metrics means just working faster and cheaper. Quality of hire hasn't been standardized and the way it is being measured has, in a lot of cases, little correlation to the quality of work the Talent Acquisition department delivers. The Hiring Success Metrics solve for this. With Hiring Budget, Hiring Velocity, and Net Hiring Score you have a set of metrics that measure how your investment in Talent Acquistion translates into how well you are able to deliver talent on time when the business needs it against the right quality.

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