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Who is Geert-Jan Waasdorp?

Geert-Jan Waasdorp is CEO of Leading Data & Tech company Intelligence Group in recruitment- and labor market data in Europe. He is transforming his business from dashboards for the happy few to data oil that nobody sees, but helps to create impactful hires.

What will Geert-Jan talk about at ToTalent Live 2021?

"Data Driven Recruitment Leadership"

Every time a TA leader, RPO or TTM organization is talking about data scientist, A.I. and big data, I know they are full of ….. marketing, PR and bluff. Data driven recruitment is overrated and hyped. It’s not about data and it will never be about data in recruitment. It’s about people, hires, quality, speed and fun. And data can help you realize that. It’s the oil in the motor you don’t want to see or smell. It just needs to be there, and the less data you see and need, the better the process is optimized and data is integrated. Data driven recruitment leadership is therefore not about data or analytics, it’s about asking the right question and setting the right ambitions.

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