Caroline Hulshoff

FunctionCoördinator International Recruitment CompanyKVK Bekijk profiel op LinkedIn
Caroline Hulshoff has always worked in People and Culture with a focus on creating and developing P&C programs. Meanwhile, she has been working as an International Recruitment Expert at the Chamber of Commerce for over a year. A challenging position that fits well with her international background and curiosity about people. Among other things, she focuses on the international employee journey of knowledge migrants, internal intercultural awareness and international job application training. KVK has had a growing international IT community since 2020, which now consists of about 20 knowledge migrants recruited both from abroad and in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, this recruitment is an integral part of the KVK recruitment process. In this way, KVK has been able to increase the IT talent pool despite the ongoing tightness in the (IT) labor market. This results in better talent, more diversity and agility within the teams and organization. Translated with (free version)

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