Bas van de Haterd

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Who is Bas van de Haterd?

Bas van de Haterd is a professional speaker and consultant helping organisations improve their talent acquisition. His expertise is modern digital assessment tools that can help you increase the quality of hire.

What will Bas talk about at ToTalent Live 2021?

2020 had two major events that will impact the future of work for decades to come. The Pandemic and the Black Lives Matters movement. Remote work will be more and more common and this will have a massive impact on recruitment. The call for fair recruitment practices will only grow stronger. But the great thing is that fair hiring also means better hiring, as you look more to actual talent and fit. Organisations that embrace this will flourish in the time to come. In this presentation you will get a glimpse of the future, illustrated by many examples of organisations that are already living it. You will learn why improving your quality of hire automatically improves your diversity. Sign up for ToTalent Live>>

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