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Who is Andreas Eissemann?

Andreas Eisemann has been working as VP Sales for softgarden e-recruiting GmbH since 2017. After graduating from University with a degree in Economics, he initially worked in Direct Sales before moving to an HR department as an Online Recruitment Consultant at the media agency HR New Media GmbH. As VP Sales Andreas Eisemann is responsible for the International Sales strategy of softgarden e-recruiting GmbH and leads a team of experienced e-recruiting Specialists.

What will Andreas talk about at ToTalent Live 2021?

Data-driven intelligence in recruiting is about more than knowing how long it takes to make a new hire. Time-to-Hire or Cost-per-Hire are still two important metrics to use but there is more to it. It is also about having an attractive career site, identifying the right channels and recommending the best candidates. Transparently using your KPIs to attract the best talents on your channels will improve your internal processes. By giving the applicants the right and transparent information on your different channels and the employer reviews will help them make a quick decision on their application. As a result, you will attract great talents, increase the conversions and use your KPIs for cost-efficient decisions on which channels you need to focus on. How utilising data, automation and transparency towards candidates can help your organisation to improve the quality of applications? The deeper the insights, the better the results.
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