Indeed again the most preferred job board in Germany in 2023

American tech giants are starting to dominate the Germany labour market.

Victoria Egba on October 23, 2023 Average reading time: 3 min
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Indeed again the most preferred job board in Germany in 2023

Indeed is also in 2023, the most preferred job board Germans rely on during their active job search. Indeed is for more than half of the German job seekers a preferred job board, followed by Stepstone and LinkedIn. LinkedIn has passed Xing in 2023 after being more than 15 years runner-up. Where the top-3 job boards are winning market share, the followers (number 4-7) are losing ground. Comparable to the rest of Europe, Indeed and LinkedIn are getting more dominating.

49 percent of German active job seekers use job boards when searching for a job and this importance is still growing. Notably, the top three sourcing channels are job boards, search engines, and company websites. This is based on research of Intelligence Group of a total of 21,692 respondents, representative for the German labour market in 2022-2023.

Germany is following the European job board trend and getting more American

There’s a slight difference between the most preferred job boards in the European job market and those in the Germany job market. Indeed continues to hold the top spot, with Stepstone retaining its second position. Stepstone is second in Germany and number three in Europe, where LinkedIn is regarded as the second most popular job board in the European labour market, it ranks since 2023 at number 3.

Job boards 2023 rank 2022 rank 2023: Preferred use (%) 2022: Preferred use (%) 1st 1st 52,0 49,1 2nd 2nd 39,1 36,3 3rd 4th 22,9 21,4 4th 3rd 21,1 22,1 5th 5th 15,1 18,6 6th 6th 13,6 15,0
jobbö 7th 7th 7,4 8,2 8th 8th 5,4 3,5 9th 9th 1,6 1,2 10th 10th 1,4 1,1


The shift that has already been seen in other European countries is also taking place in Germany. Indeed is leading, and LinkedIn is gaining ground, while traditional job boards are losing their positions.

When taking into account social media platforms like Meta and the search engine Google, the landscape would shift even more. In the next few years, American giants will even more dominating, just as they do in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and other European countries”, states Geert-Jan Waasdorp, founder and CEO of Intelligence Group.

Women use LinkedIn less

While LinkedIn continues its steady growth in Germany, it’s interesting to observe that more men prefer the platform compared to women. Currently, 29% of men among active job seekers in Germany prefer LinkedIn, whereas women constitute 19% of the user base on the platform. On the flip side, Indeed is preferred more by woman (55%) than men (50%).

The lower usage of LinkedIn among women may be attributed to the widespread dissatisfaction of women, who have been experiencing increased unsolicited and inappropriate messages. As a result, more women are choosing to boycott the platform, for both networking and job searching, to avoid encountering Tinder-like messaging. Although LinkedIn has taken steps to mitigate this issue by asking victims to report incidents and partnering with verification platforms like CLEAR, the persistence of such incidents continues to drive women away from the platform.

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