recruiTECH CEE 2024

recruiTECH CEE 2024 is the premier conference for HR professionals in the Central and Eastern European region. This two-day event, set in the vibrant city of Budapest, is designed to be a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and innovations in recruitment. Our focus is on fostering a community where professionals can network, exchange experiences, and unearth new methodologies for successful recruitment processes.

Why Attend?

  • Learn from the Best: Engage with international and national experts who are at the forefront of recruitment strategies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers from across the region, opening doors to collaborative and innovative approaches in HR.
  • Cutting-Edge Insights: Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest trends and best practices in recruitment.

Conference Highlights

  • Interactive Sessions: Featuring topics such as recruitment automation, the role of chatbots, and cross-country recruiting.
  • Resource Sharing: Discover how sharing resources regionally can optimize your recruitment process.
  • Expert Panels: Delve into discussions about hiring excellence and dealing with hiring managers effectively.
  • Focus on Synergy: Explore regional synergies in recruitment and understand the dynamics of recruitment capacity.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is a must for HR professionals who are eager to learn from top experts, build a strong network, and discover innovative solutions to recruitment challenges.

Secure Your Spot Today! Be part of a community shaping the future of recruitment in Central and Eastern Europe.

RecBuzz – April 2023

What You Can Expect

Come to the world’s premier recruitment marketplace conference!
Times they are a-changing! There are some major shifts in the landscape afoot. How can you ensure you’re doing everything to stay ahead and how to shore things up for the future? You’ll get that and more at RecBuzz on April 21 and 22, 2023. Plus: Berlin! A historic and artistic European city with a vibrant cultural scene. This is not to be missed!

Engage in Powerful Networking

Networking and conversations are the core of RecBuzz. Sign up now and you can look forward to:

  • Chatting with potential partners, suppliers, investors and old friends! (Haven’t you missed them?) And making new friends.
  • Talking with the world’s leading recruitment marketplace experts and consultants.
  • Meeting top executives from major companies, interesting start-ups and the investment community.
You Should Attend if You:
  • work in any way in recruitment marketplaces;
  • are interested in recruitment marketing / advertising;
  • focus on recruitment analytics;
  • deal in applicant tracking systems;
  • offer chatbots / messaging technology, AI / machine learning;
  • a general or niche job board;
  • provide interview technology and assessments;
  • provide mobile apps for recruitment;
  • are interested in recruitment branding;
  • work with recruitment listings and distribution;
  • are involved in Job “wrapping” or “scraping”;
  • offer – or want to learn more about – social media job listings;
  • are a trade association recruitment site;
  • want to learn about recruitment programmatic advertising;
  • don’t want to miss out! (FOMO!) Your competitors will be there;
  • want to spend time in Berlin this spring!

E-recruitment Congress 2022

E-recruitment Congress 2022 is a top notch international congress, completely focused on e-recruitment in a post-covid world. Will we live happily ever after? Maybe. But we definitely will live digitally. During this congress we’ll offer insights in creative use of technology to step up your virtual game: virtual meetings, video recruitment, virtual employer branding, … Those topics will be covered during the keynotes to create awareness of the possibilities and necessities. And during the afternoon master classes, participants will get in depth demo’s on the subject.

And of course, we’ll cover all the other important sourcing topics to ensure our sourcing audience is ready for a digital era: SEO, programmatics, using jobboards, scraping databases, analytics, social media recruitment, apps, applicant tracking systems, …

Recruitment Leaders Network: ‘Impeccable Leadership’

This is one of four closed-door meetings of the Recruitment Leaders Network (RLN) in the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, starring Marco Leijenhorst of VodafoneZiggo and Hanneke Sweep of Lumina Learning.

The Recruitment Leaders Network (RLN) is an exclusive invite only network consisting of senior leaders active in the area of Talent Acquisition and/or Employer Branding. To learn more about the network, contact Valérie van der Ven directly via +31 6 21 96 97 99 or

Undutchables Expert Talk: How diversity and inclusion can help you scale up your team

Join our Expert talk 8:

“How diversity and inclusion can help you scale up your team with (international) talents in time of shortage. Plus, what are the trends in Sweden?”

Presented by our own experts Marjan Stoit, Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables Netherlands, and Karin Bjorkman, Owner of Undutchables Sweden.

During this Expert talk you will receive concrete tips to get yourself started to set up a diverse and inclusive workforce. Think of setting up a good recruitment plan and creating support, we also give you a glimpse into the Swedish kitchen how they approach this. In both countries diversity and inclusion is an important topic at the moment. We bring them both together to share best practices and see what we can learn from each other.

During the webinar we will:

  • Give 5 tips on how to create a diverse workforce
  • Discuss on how to set up a good recruitment plan
  • Share best practices between The Netherlands and Sweden

10.00 Introduction
10.05 Interactive Session
10.50 Wrap-up and Q&A
11.00 End

Online via Zoom
You can register by clicking here.

Virtual Job Fair – SollicitatieDokter & Ivy Works

On June 28, 2021 SollicitatieDokter and Ivy Works host the first-ever national virtual job fair. During this event, students and young professionals are able to meet and greet with some of the best employees in the Netherlands.